Why Your Website Redesign Should Be About Building a Business-Friendly Website

In this digital era, people as well as companies are looking to the internet for information to make smarter purchasing decisions. As per the eCommerce Foundation, 88% of consumers research product information before they make a purchase.

Needless to say, the importance of having a robust website for your business cannot be overstated. You may need a website redesign with a clear focus on not just building a user-friendly website but also a business-friendly one. After all, it is the backbone of your business and has to support your digital marketing efforts.

The website redesign should focus on the goals and objectives of your business to create impact. In fact, a strong business-focused website has the potential to get good leads, bring positive ROI and drive better business results/revenue.

In this blog, we look at some areas to consider during website redesign to create a business-friendly website:

  • Conversion
  • A website redesign needs to aim at attracting clients, but that cannot be the end of the story. If your website isn’t converting or retaining them, then it isn’t doing what it should actually be doing.

    For website performance optimization, it is necessary to consider ‘conversion-focused’ strategy. Your website should be able to answer people’s questions of what you do and how it will help them. It should also be able to engage them while convincing them that you are the right choice for their needs.

  • Call to Action (CTAs)
  • During a website redesign, you need to ensure that every page has the power to entice your visitors to take some action. Your landing pages should encourage users to do something, such as call your company, subscribe to a service, purchase a product, download a resource, or take some action that benefits your business goals.

    This is possible once you offer them a noticeable invitation to take the action like a CTA button, a link, or clear verbiage.

  • Forms to Fill Information
  • Online forms are vital to business websites. During a website redesign, you need to check if there are pages where visitors can fill in details. In the absence of forms, the website will fail in lead generation and conversions. It will also be impossible to get information about target audience, making marketing strategies ineffective.

    Forms provide a means for potential customers to join your email list, check about your products in a personalized way, and provide personal details that will be useful to your business.

  • SEO Optimised
  • You may have the best website in the market, but it won’t help you if people are unable to find it. This is why during website redesign, you need to check for robust Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Without a strong SEO, your website will not receive the necessary traffic it needs to stand out and remain profitable.

    In addition to helping your website stay at the top of Google Search Engine results, SEO also helps website performance optimization and ensures businesses can collect concrete data to create strategies for significant ROI.

  • Content that will Appeal to C-Suite
  • In the world of B2B marketing, the goal is not just to increase mass consumer awareness, but to engage the right business stakeholders. This means increasingly reaching out directly to the C-suite that is involved in the purchase decisions.

    Engaging senior leadership is important because they are key decision-makers as well as industry influencers. If they value your content/products, you have higher chances of winning the patronage of their peers and followers. A website redesign should always check if the content is one that engages the C-suite.

  • Proper Navigation
  • One of the most important requirements of a website redesign is checking if the navigation is easy. No matter how creative and exciting your website is, if visitors are unable to find all the important information they are searching for, it is of no use.

    Navigation needs to be consistent throughout the website which means visitors can interact with the website through a click or two. It should be simple to understand, which will increase the likelihood of visitors staying longer and returning.

    If you are wondering how you can take care all the above-mentioned elements, it’s best to outsource website redesign to a web design and development agency.

    How Xenia Can Help with Website Redesign

    At Xenia Consulting, we offer a host of website performance optimization and website revamp services, right from audit till final execution. 

    From improving page speed and performance to mobile optimisation and strong SEO & keyword analysis, we offer the best to ensure your website reaches the right audience. We also focus on other vital aspects including social channels integration, blog performance, backlink audit, content health check, analytics, UI and so much more!

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