Did you know that improving search engine ranking can improve your business leads flow by 10x?

Ever wondered where your website traffic is coming from?

If you rely on customers to find you through a Google search, search engine optimization (SEO) strategies are an integral part of your priority list. You won’t be able to generate leads for your products or services if no one can find you, right?

Almost 93% of internet experiences begin with search engines, and the top result on Google has a 33% chance of getting clicked! So, if your website isn’t at the top, you’re missing out on one-third of potential traffic. Surprisingly, 75% of people don’t even click on page two of Google search results. That’s why ranking is the key to getting more leads online.

All About Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It is improving your site to boost visibility when people search for products or services relevant to your business. The better visibility you have in search engines, the more likely you will get a higher number of prospects and convert them to customers. 

Organic search is considered one of the best marketing channels with a high ROI for your website. Thus, whether you’re making a new website or re-designing your existing website, making it, SEO-friendly will significantly increase leads. Since Google enjoys a 92% market share in search engines, improving your rank on Google is an intelligent strategy.

Tips for Improving Search Engine Ranking

If you’ve worked with the same website for many years, it may be time to re-design with a professional web design company and align your site with current trends and technologies. However, it’s essential to maintain your SEO ranking and enhance it rather than sacrificing your rank in the transition from old to new. We bring a few essential tips to help you:

  • Perform an SEO audit

Take stock of where you stand and what’s working vs what’s not with a comprehensive SEO audit. This includes analyzing your current keywords, understanding the website architecture, and auditing the existing backlinks. Also, it’s a good idea to keep your current website live till you complete the new one. 

  • Setup your 301 Redirects

During the lifecycle of your website, you might delete some pages or change their address. In such cases, setting up a correct 301 redirect is essential. This means you’re permanently redirecting the original URL to another live page on the website. Failing to do so can cause a 404 error for your visitors and search engines, negatively impacting your ranking and customer experiences. 

  • Update your Google My Business Data

GMB is a powerful tool you can leverage to increase local search engine rankings. It helps your business to get placed at the top of SERP within the local area once you earn the unique map pack placement. Ensure your logo, images, and content on GMB align with your new website. Know how to optimize your Google My Business listing in 12 steps.

  • Upgrade your Content

When you’re re-designing, it’s time to review and improve the content on your website with more relevant information and ideas. Whether it’s the description of products, about your company or H1 and H2 tags – make sure you focus on quality original content.

  • Conduct a Final Check

Even minor details can significantly impact how prospects and search engines perceive your business. Review your website to ensure optimized images, have an XML sitemap, fix all broken links, ensure Google page speed optimization and choose a mobile-friendly website design for improving search engine ranking.

The Criteria to increase Business Leads Flow:

If you are focused on improving your leads from your site, it’s essential to think about how to improve website performance. Start with these simple tips:

    • Constantly improve your content, keeping SEO in mind

    • Make your CTA pop on every page and place it strategically so that people can leave their personal information easily 

    • Target the right keywords as it is the backbone of lead generation SEO and helps in improving search engine ranking 

  • Link your homepage to your social media profiles and regularly share your content on the feed to earn referral traffic 

Your search engine ranking is the key to boosting traffic and getting more leads for your business. A simple website redesign from a professional web design company like Xenia Consulting can go a long way in improving search engine ranking. 

Want to get 10x leads and enrich your digital presence? Xenia’s professional SEO services increase website traffic and ranking with unique strategies to get maximum ROI. Contact our experts to convert your website into a lead-generation engine!  

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