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Targeted campaigns for focused companies with 
Account Based Marketing services

Maximize Your Business Potential with Account Based Marketing Services

Account based marketing services (ABM) includes execution on a business marketing strategy that focuses efforts on a small number of target accounts within a market. It uses individualised campaigns to engage each account, tailoring the marketing message to the account’s specific characteristics and demands. Beyond lead generation, ABM takes a more comprehensive approach to marketing. One of the keys to generating the most value from your largest accounts is marketing to current client accounts to drive upselling and cross-selling.


What is our expertise?

We as a professional team spend time to understand your focus accounts strategy, take inputs from your CRM records and then create a focused Account based marketing strategy to engage these audiences meaningfully. The intent is to positively influence them and make them familiar to your brand and ready to do business with you. 


How we help?

Xenia assists B2B companies in connecting and engaging with decision-makers from their Key Accounts base on a consistent basis, as well as capturing purchase intent to improve their sales pipeline. We support organizations with our account based marketing solutions in implementing the necessary strategy, technology, campaigns, people, and procedures to maximize the return on investment.

Seeking help for a focused account based campaign?

Process we follow for Account Based
Marketing Solutions

  • We Obtain buy-in and establish objectives.
  • Identify and make a list of high-priority target accounts.
  • Make a list of decision-makers and influencers.
  • Create content based on personalities and the customer journey
  • Select the appropriate channels and tools.
  • Plan and carry out targeted marketing initiatives.
  • Measure, evaluate, and improve your results.

Types of B2B Account Based Marketing

1. One-to-One ABM:

A market in one-to-one ABM comprises of only one target company. An average organisation can have upwards of 15-20 relevant contacts. The intent is to engage them meaningfully and systematically

2. One-to-Few ABM:

One-to-Few ABM targets small groups of comparable target customers. An average of 25-36 accounts are addressed here. Marketing automation is more firmly represented here with the help of different software tools because client groups should be addressed in the same way.

3. One-to-many ABM:

With one-to-many ABM, larger account lists, averaging approximately 500-600, are processed. The use of martech for both automatic and individualised client engagement is critical in this situation. The move to traditional inbound marketing is variable, depending on the level of personalisation.

ABM can thus be employed with varying degrees of modification in a vast number of B2B firms, depending on market requirements.


Here is what B2B companies get from
Account Based Marketing Services

Personalised targeting to niche audience

Launch personalised one-to-one and one-to-many campaigns to target tens, hundreds, or even thousands of Named Accounts and maximise the ROI of your marketing budgets.

Quickly generate qualified leads

Position your organization to a specific and targeted audience group, instead of adopting the standard spray-and-pray marketing method to create leads.

Together, marketing and sales

Convert marketing ideas into sales results. To improve the quality of their conversations, give Sales the context they need, such as Account Intent, Behavioural data, and so on.

Targeting with finesse

With omnichannel People-based and Account-based Advertising, you can minimize the guesswork and convey your message directly to the potential audience.

Raise engagements by a huge margin.

Unleash the true potential of personalization to promote conversion-oriented one-to-one marketing to your target Accounts and Contacts.

Produce measurable results.

To close sales opportunities faster, identify accounts with strong sales intent. Reduce the time it takes for a cycle to complete and the number of pipelines that can be closed.

What makes us different?

Certified and trained team of ABM experts

Understand challenges across various industries

Help you with sales and marketing alignment

Access to the best tools available

Dedicated team assigned to each project

Guaranteed goal commitment

Some of the skills that are required for these projects

Marketing Expert

Campaign Manager

Web Developer

SEO Specialist

Content Planner

Content Writer

Social Media Expert

Paid Ads Expert


Graphic Designer

Video Producer

Project Manager

Create complete B2B Account Based marketing strategy with Xenia experts!


Account-based marketing (ABM) is a robust growth approach in which Marketing and Sales work together to develop personalised buying experiences for a group of high-value accounts that are mutually defined.

B2B ABM services includes marketing to individual organisations with specialised offers and value propositions relating to their needs, rather than providing general marketing for a given industry.


ABM is highly effective for all B2B companies that sell to key clients of a given size.You can plan highly targeted reachouts and campaigns to these focus target accounts and influence them to take decisions in favor of your products or services.


  • Getting Personal
  • Developing and maintaining relationships with target businesses
  • Increased ROI
  • Clearer and specific results
  • You’ll need to determine the value prospects place on their interactions with you, as well as the influence those interactions have on sales. It’s not always simple, but looking at coverage, engagement, impact, and influence is the best way to go.


What Services We Provide


We can help improve performance for your website


We can help you redesign your website and content.

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