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We offer support in managing your end to end Paid Marketing Campaigns (PPC Marketing Campaigns). We ensure enhanced presence as well as consistent lead gen through a focused strategy. We track regularly using advanced analytics so that you are able to achieve your marketing goals from PPC.


Process we follow for Paid Marketing campaigns

Your potential customers are searching the internet before taking any decision in regards to the products or services they desire. We make sure those people find our client’s products/services when they go online. Whether it’s Paid Marketing (PPC Marketing) or Social Media, we measure each step with Analytics. We are Digital Marketing Professionals, passionate about our client’s success.


Here is what our paid marketing
services will help you do

Consistent Ads presence targeting relevant keywords

Improved reach and visibility in front of target audience

Fast & measurable results



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Pay per click marketing or pay per click advertising or popularly known as PPC is a form of advertising, which is done on Google platforms or on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter platforms to enhance your reach to the target market. Some people refer to only the Google advertising part as PPC, whereas some include the social media ads as PPC Ads. PPC Services or PPC marketing involves creating ads for specific keywords and generating leads from these ads by getting visitors to fill a form. On Google, there are two types of PPC Ads, Search ads & Display Ads. Search Ads are for specific search terms and it is based on the keywords that you want to target the ads for. The keywords could be broadly classified as Broad Match, Phrase match and exact match. As is obvious, you get maximum reach with broad match, but you can get a lot of unwanted traffic as well and lose money that way. Phrase match gets you filtered traffic to the ads and Exact match will get you a highly specialized audience for your ads.  Once the ads are displayed, if the user clicks, the money gets debited from your adwords account and usually the user is taken to a landing page, which has more details about the service. If the user feels comfortable with the content served to him on the landing page, he feels comfortable to fill in the form on the landing page and submits it. Once you have form submissions, typically in PPC terms, we say that we have a lead conversion from PPC Ads.


B2B ABM services includes marketing to individual organisations with specialised offers and value propositions relating to their needs, rather than providing general marketing for a given industry.


ABM is highly effective for all B2B companies that sell to key clients of a given size.You can plan highly targeted reachouts and campaigns to these focus target accounts and influence them to take decisions in favor of your products or services.


  • Getting Personal
  • Developing and maintaining relationships with target businesses
  • Increased ROI
  • Clearer and specific results
  • You’ll need to determine the value prospects place on their interactions with you, as well as the influence those interactions have on sales. It’s not always simple, but looking at coverage, engagement, impact, and influence is the best way to go.


What Services We Provide


We can help improve performance for your website


We can help you redesign your website and content.

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