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Engage with your prospects, build thought leadership

Creating Thought leadership through finely crafted Content Marketing

Communicate your unique differentiated value through finely crafted collateral or build white papers/webinars/podcasts to build thought leadership in the domain you operate in. 

We do detailed competition research and industry specific research to come up with content topics and create abstracts to cover topics that are trending. We create content, working in collaboration with subject matter experts and then make it available in a neatly designed format for distribution and promotions

What We Do

There are a lot of moving parts in planning, managing, and creating content that aligns with the rest of your marketing initiatives. 

Xenia’s Content Marketing services help you to develop & implement engaging, relevant content marketing programs, as needed for your business, and makes it available in ready to use marketing forms, including brochures, presentations, newsletters, campaigns, white papers, articles, blogs, webinars, etc

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Here Is What Our Content Marketing Services Will Help You Do

Content drives all your marketing initiatives, be it social, email or even any event related initiatives. Content in the appropriate forms can help extend reach of your brand to your target audiences. 

Improved Branding and Visibility

Increased Response Rates

Consistent Engagement With Target Market


Our clients are our best advocates. Once with us, always with us. They love the value, we consistently deliver to them, year after year.  

Identifying content stories to getting it written and published. Xenia team helped us in the entire journey helping us create significant level of branding
BU Head of a leading ITeS company
Creating a content strategy to supplement our SEO strategy was very important and Xenia team helped us achieve this very well
CEO, of a leading ITeS company


Recently there are a lot of questions related to ‘what is content marketing’. Well simply put, it is an alternative marketing mechanism, where you develop content as resources and make it available to your potential target audience and slowly start moving them into your funnel based on their interactions with your digital properties. The old style of marketing was really push based, where sales calls either on phone or physical were being made to potential prospects and based on them, some of them were qualified as leads for the business. Xenia’s Content Marketing services leverage more of a pull mechanism by presenting content as useful resources to your target audience so that they come looking for it and since it is so useful, they start building an association with your brand/products and it helps build your pipeline. Driving an effective content marketing strategy would need content marketing tools and an ability to effectively manage the content creation and content promotion pieces, so that a large number of the relevant target audience can be reached on a consistent basis.

Developing a content marketing strategy needs a focused effort. It is not just about what content you want to write, but how you can link it all together to the key branding/positioning messages of the organization. Ideally, it has to be linked to a higher purpose. It is always a good idea to engage with an agency like Xenia Consulting for its Content Marketing services. Such agencies are capable of getting a lot of ideas to the table. The agency will usually have a bunch of content creators and some tools to manage the entire process of content promotion. Usually if you are able to identify trending topics related to your domain and if you are able to understand the high ranking keywords or keyword phrases that are relevant in your domain, that is a great headstart. Xenia Consulting is one such agency offering Content Marketing services in Pune, which specializes in content marketing strategy and ongoing execution.

Generating quality content is the key to ensuring a successful content marketing strategy. It can be in multiple forms. It could be website content, content for blogs or it could be downloadable assets like white papers, e-books. It can even be online events like webinars. With all these different content forms, when you do content marketing, the most important point you should remember is that you should be preparing something that is extremely useful for the target audience and something he would like to consume. It is very common to have marketers start mixing some of their promotional messages too soon, too quickly and this does not really help the content marketing program.

Optimizing your content from a SEO standpoint is usually a very good idea. If you create content on topics that are trending and you have optimized your post for some high search volume keywords or keyword phrases, then there is a good chance that you will start driving organic traffic to your content. Apart from organic traffic, you can always aim to start driving inorganic traffic to your website by using Google Ads or Facebook Ads.

The traditional old style marketing is really slowly dying its death. With search engines being so strong, people can get what they need, when they need it. So if a person does not need something, and if someone is trying to sell something to him, it is only likely to cause nuisance and the percentage conversion rates of traditional marketing have been going down to abysmal lows. If you still need to be in business and drive growth, it is important that you adapt to the new style of marketing quickly. There really is no option here

As a part of your content marketing strategy, it is very important to create content which will serve as useful resources for your potential target market. Marketers make common mistakes of trying to push in sales messages into these initial pieces of content. If you do that , then what you are promoting suddenly loses its neutral sheen.

We really believe that everything can be measured. If you are not generating warm leads, then there are a lot of intermediate steps that you are able to get to. If you have a blog, you can attach metrics to the number of subscribers, the number of views on the blog. If you have a white paper, you can have metrics related to the number of downloads of the white paper or number of hits to the landing page. Similarly, if you are hosting webinars, you can have metrics in terms of the number of people attending the webinar or the number of registrations that you have been able to gather ahead of the webinar.

Several email marketing tools offer you the option of using interactive and pleasing HTML email templates for email campaigns. It is easy for you to use one of these templates and use that for sending out campaigns. Alternatively it is also possible to custom-design a HTML email template from scratch and then import that into an EDM tool to be sent out as an email marketing campaign.

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