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We help our clients in managing consistent reach-outs with relevant messaging to help influence decision making for your prospects. We focus on industry relevant themes that are able to communicate effectively with the target audience and help in improving conversions. 

Our finely curated target marketing lists with all our technical server level activities ensures improved delivery rates and response rates. We ensure that our customers are able to leverage email marketing to elevate their brand and to spur conversions. 

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B2B companies are typically built on the strength of the product or solutions. Most of the companies depend on sales teams and references to propagate the product in the market. 

But beyond a point, companies face challenges in meaningfully reaching the right audience, uniquely positioning the solution, and deriving the right value for the solution. Our Email Marketing Services help tackle these challenges by creating and communicating your value to your prospects effectively and efficiently.

What do you need to do at your website, so that you can convert your website to a lead generation engine?

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Services Will Help You Do

Industry relevant story themes that cut through spam filters and effectively engage the target audiences

Improved Branding and Visibility

Increased Response Rates

Consistent engagement with target market


Our clients are our best advocates. Once with us, always with us. They love the value, we consistently deliver to them, year after year.  

Incredible results! Xenia- Consulting tailored email marketing approach helped us transform our reachouts. Our response rates have increased significantly.

Marketing Head
HR services company
Xenia- Consulting played a pivotal role in our transformation through email marketing. Their precision and messaging approach helped improve response rates dramatically.

India Head
Leading HR Service provider company


Email marketing campaign is very popular among business’es as they are a very cost-effective alternative to reach your target market. Organizations use email campaigns for a variety of reasons, to generate leads, to create awareness, to fix meetings ahead of events, to notify about some events (for e.g. a webinar). All you need to run an effective email marketing campaign is email addresses of your potential prospects and an efficient Electronic Direct Mailing (EDM) tool

There are several agencies that will offer you services to manage your ongoing email marketing campaigns, and there are several Email marketing tools as well as marketing automation tools that are available in the market today to facilitate you sending bulk email campaigns. Some of the more popular ones include Mailchimp, SendGrid, Mailer-lite, iContact, Vertical Response, Constant Contact and Drip. Each one has its own advantages and unique features. They come with their own pricing structures. So, depending on your requirements, you can go ahead and select the service that you feel comfortable with.

Yes, Absolutely, anyone can run an opt-in campaign. You need to have a clear strategy for building your opt-in lists. Let’s realize that people have a lot of options, so what is it that you are going to use to lure them to opt-in to your list?. Once your list starts growing, you can decide to engage often with the list and serve them content that they will prefer to consume. When you have opt-in campaigns, your open rates, click rates as well as response rates are a lot better as these subscribers are actually waiting to hear from you and receive your content.

The first metric you should track is bounce rate. If you have a bounce rate, you will start running into problems with your email marketing tools as most SMTP providers will not tolerate a high bounce rate. Bounces can be hard bounces as well as soft bounces. Hard bounce typically means that the email address does not exist at the server at all. A soft bounce could mean that the email ID is temporarily not available. It may be down or the mailbox may be full. The other metrics, which are important to track include open rate, click rate and response rate. If you are getting a >10% open rate, then you are within the average open rates for campaigns. As said earlier, with opt-in lists, your open rates can be significantly higher.

Email campaigns have multiple objectives, typically building awareness and generating leads. The number of responses that you receive from the campaign can be directly measured as the number of leads/inquiries that you have received from the email marketing campaign. If your objectives were to create awareness, then some of the metrics that you could track could include clicks/views of the landing page or views to the website link provided in the email. Set clear objectives ahead of the campaign, so that you know whether you were successful or not. As you start developing multiple campaigns, you will improve on these metrics, as you will be able to understand what works and what does not.

All email campaigns are targeted at individuals. So if you want a positive outcome, make sure that you are able to personalize the emails to the extent possible. People hate receiving mails from unknown people, so to the extent possible, try and build references before you get to the main topic of your email. Some people use HTML email templates and some use text mailers. Depending on the objectives and the target audience you are trying to reach, your performance will vary. Nowadays, people also use a lot of responsive email templates. This means that these mails will render well and are optimized for desktops as well as for mobile platforms. With so much functionality available on the phone, it is common for a lot of people to access their mails on the mobile platform.

Having clean lists ensures that you bounce rate is lower. Personalization of emails ensures that open rates and response rates are better. Interesting and curiosity generating subject lines work very well in ensuring that there is better campaign open rate.

Several email marketing tools offer you the option of using interactive and pleasing HTML email templates for email campaigns. It is easy for you to use one of these templates and use that for sending out campaigns. Alternatively it is also possible to custom-design a HTML email template from scratch and then import that into an EDM tool to be sent out as an email marketing campaign.

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