How to drive 10x traffic to your website

The internet is a cluttered space today. Businesses, service providers, even individuals have their own websites. Gone are the days when a simple activity on your website could drive massive traffic to it. You now need stellar steps to hit the front page of the Google search in today’s age of incomparable race to produce content. Also read 8 Things to Consider While You Build a Website to Generate Leads

Here are some simple ways that you can use to drive 10x traffic to your website:

  1. Add a lot of visual content:

    Good use of photographs and catchy graphics go a long way since they grab eyeballs faster. If you add some strong visual content on a regular written blog, it will turn out to be more effective. Readers are a busy lot today and want their information quickly and in a simple format. Many prefer an infographic to reading a 500-word article because the former can do a great deal in succinctly explaining the point.

  2. Be active on social media platforms and forums:

    You can do so by leaving comments on Blogs and Posts. If you answer questions or provide solutions on sites like Quora and Reddit, readers are likely to follow the trail to your website. Another way is to contribute to guest blogs that have a high domain authority. These are ideal ways to increase your website traffic since you are showing your audiences that you do not mind sharing your insights for free. Also consider The Top 20 Best WordPress Plugins for Your Website

  3. Use the right keywords:

    Your website has to have a clear SEO strategy in place and keyword optimization has to be prioritized. It should be optimized for search that is related to content, code, structure and myriad keywords used. You must also update your web page content and put in optimized keywords, tweaking the HTML code for SEO-ease.

  4. Look at paid advertising:

    You can consider paid advertising like social post and campaigns as a way to supplement your organic advertising. This gives you a better chance of reaching the right people. Your final target is to ultimately convert people. Paid advertising enables you to attract the right demographic to your website.

  5. Create surveys:

    With the help of surveys, you can aim to stay in the minds of your website visitors for longer. Surveys are a great way to request your following to assist you in creating a better user experience. However, you will have to ensure that your surveys are short and call for minimum effort.

  6. Utilize email marketing:

    This a great way of consistently engaging with a growing audience because email newsletters can be a significant tool to make visitors return to your website. It provides you a way to share relevant information, updates and news about your brand. Newsletters should not to be too heavy and can be easily browsed through.

  7. Create communities like Facebook pages or online forums:

    These help drive traffic from there to your web pages. You may like to create Facebook Group pages or even online forums on your website which can be highly beneficial. This will ensure user engagement and will have visitors coming back to your website for more.

  8. Create quizzes, YouTube channels for more outreach:

    The quizzes that you create can be shared via social media channels to draw visitors to your website. You will have to ensure that you select topics that are relevant to your brand and content. YouTube proves to be very helpful for search engine rankings. Being the second largest search engine and third most visited website worldwide, behind only Google and Facebook respectively, YouTube is a great way to share promotional videos, educate your audience, or explain how to use your product.

  9. Grow your website traffic by getting listed:

    There are several online sites where you can enlist your website like online business directories, local listings or review sites. You can choose B2B or B2C listing and review website depending on your product or service. For instance, if you have a software or hardware product you will have to opt for a review website. If you have a restaurant, then you need a local review website like Yelp.

The above-mentioned are some easy ways to increase website traffic and boost conversion and sales. You can assess what is relevant to your brand, how it engages your audience and then choose the right way.

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