How important is SEO for a new website success

In recent years there have been many debates about whether or not SEO is still useful or has it finally reached its end. No matter what conclusion these debates come to, Importance of SEO for new website continues to grow to this day. There are tons of articles written by hundreds of experts out there which talk about how to best go about the whole process.

There is also fact that cannot be denied: internet usage is higher today than ever before. From corporates to laymen to even children, everyone relies on the internet. There are millions of searches conducted at any given point of the day. Each search is specific to one industry or the other. It is this search that can be tapped and leveraged by Digital Marketing Experts for their company. These experts understand the Importance of SEO for small business in a company’s growth and hence seek to utilize it as best as possible.

Importance of SEO for new website

SEO is the ability to structure and promote a website in such a way that there is a consistent increase in daily/weekly/monthly organic visitors from popular search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. The search engines enable getting targeted traffic to websites based on multiple parameters or queries that individuals enter in the search box.

We have narrowed down the most important reasons for which companies need to invest in SEO:

Increase traffic:

The premise is simple: ensure that your website ranks higher than your competitors for specific keywords related to your business and you will observe an increase in your website traffic. According to the Advanced Web Ranking CTR study, website that ranks on number 1 position on Google have an average CTR of 27.5% which is quite impressive. If you manage to get to this spot then you have a golden opportunity to get the highest number of visitors as compared to your competitors.

Understand your audience:

The way SEO helps companies understand their target audience is phenomenal. You get to identify everything from the audience’s demographics to their interests to even which OS their devices are operating on. It is that targeted. Imagine the level of sophistication you as a marketer can bring in creating your content for each segment of this audience.

Building trust with your audience:

Let’s face it: by constantly bombarding your target audience with ads, you are unintentionally pushing them away. It is similar to a pushy salesman who is trying really hard to sell you a product that you not really have an inclination to purchase. You tend to avoid such people and it is not different with ads as well.

Although if you have ensured that your website is one the first page of Google, you have already won half the battle. People are more prone to browse these websites and rarely move on to the page 2. The general perception is that the top 10 websites on Google are there for a reason.

Improved traffic quality:

There is huge difference between advertising your products or services in front of a large audience and expecting them to come to you and appearing in from of individuals who are actively searching for related products and services. Unlike the first method, your target market actually reaches out to you on their own as they intend to satisfy their need.

And one of the best benefits of SEO is that irrespective of the stage in the buyer’s journey, you have the potential to fulfill their needs. It does not have to be that only when the buyer decides to purchase, will they reach out to you. They can reach even when they are trying to get some information or when they are comparing similar products or services.

Cost effective alternative:

Content marketing is at the top of every marketing department’s agenda as the results are tremendous. But almost all the options require companies to spend a lot of marketing budgets such as for email marketing or PPC campaigns. These methods are quite effective but there is no upper limit for spending here.

SEO on the other hand requires little to no investment as compared to these methods. And the benefits are not lesser than them as well. Plus, unlike email marketing and PPC, there is lesser amount of time and financial commitment involved thus making SEO a cheaper yet effective alternative. While it is particularly suited for startups and their budgets, larger organizations are known to rely on SEO as well.

Sales vs Marketing:

There is no question of choosing to invest between marketing or sales teams. Both actually complement each other. Both work towards getting prospect. But while salespeople need to sleep, marketing does not have to. SEO works 24/7 and is targeted according to the time and regions where target audiences are most active. So there are rarely any wasted efforts if you conduct your research thoroughly.

We could go on and on about SEO, but this is the major crux of the argument. SEO needs to be a crucial part of every company’s strategy to ensure they have a strong and consistent digital presence. Especially since everyone is now connected.

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