Ten Key Benefits of Partnering with a Digital Marketing Company in Pune

There was a time when pamphlets were stuck into the folds of daily newspapers, posters were put up at nooks and corners and it was possible to use word of mouth to make any business venture successful. But things have changed now, not only have the newspapers in their traditional state been replaced with e-Papers, the discussions that used to happen in person have been taken over by social media, smartphones and the internet in general.

Doesn’t come as a surprise that, as estimated in December 2017, there are 4,156,932,140 internet users, which makes about 54.4 % of the world population. To achieve your business objectives of growth, it is about time, you start looking for a top digital marketing company in pune rather than depending on pure play word of mouth.

Going for a more targeted approach with a Digital Marketing company in Pune

If you wish to be known, internet and digital marketing is the best way to go about and for most businesses this calls for a more targeted approach and hence, digital marketing. But, before going further deep, let’s understand the basics.

Digital Marketing, according to Wikipedia, is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet, but also including mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium. A digital marketing firm in Pune can extend your reach significantly.

In today’s context it means getting the word out on the web, on the devices of choice, some predictive suggestions to guide the prospects, a slight digital nudge, or an entire website to bring the information to light.

Here are the ten key benefits of investing in digital marketing

  1. Global-Wider Outreach

We all witnessed how far and wide the “ALS Ice Bucket challenge” had reached with people from across the world actively participating and raising funds for a common cause. Some startups even with good ideas have been building their finances through Crowdsourcing, another powerful example of the right marketing and digital outreach.

Digital marketing pulls down the geographical barriers, reaching all the places that have internet connectivity. “Going Viral” is the buzzword here, goes without saying that relevance and engagement does play a prominent role.

  1. Increased Speed

A continuation to the above-mentioned, digital marketing happens with a click on the mouse or a tap in the screen. There are hardly any barriers, the information exchange too happens in a jiffy, and the same goes for results, owing to prompt communication. Moreover, digital marketing happens from a single location, cutting down the travel and physical efforts that go behind traditional marketing. All the interactions take place online, alongside with the brand, the consumer and the media content making analysis easier too.

  1. Targeted Marketing

Most marketing ventures fail due to the lack of data about the target market. Digital marketing however begins from identifying the audience, collating and sorting the database and the leveraging it to boost the business. With various tools available to segment the audience effectively, the effort that goes behind such otherwise laborious tasks is decreased to a great extent too.

  1. Greater Scope for Innovation

A pamphlet, an advertisement section in the newspaper, a large hoarding near the cross-road, traditional marketing is often restricted in terms of creativity. The scene is different in case of digital marketing, from images to gifs, to social media, to ad spaces and more there is a lot to be done. Better ideas and innovative formats can influence the audience, and leave a stronger impact and a clearer brand message.

  1. Improved Analytics

While Google analytics is the pioneer in online analytics, various other tools can now track the usage patterns, comprehend the user behavior and predict the future actions based on those. The tools utilize digital marketing metrics to judge the effectiveness of the strategy, and devise new methods to achieve better ROI.

From SEO to any other online effort that goes behind the digital marketing venture, analytics tools keep a track of them all.

  1. Better Engagement

Most marketing strategies revolve around the common goal, i.e. engagement with the customers/prospects. While having a digital presence provides organizations the opportunity to obtain meaningful insights about the target audience, which in turns drives towards better products and optimization of services. Add to it the flexibility and strong connect that social media provides, and voila! engagement factor fits in like a glove.

Digital marketing provides a better channel for interacting with clients allowing them to put forth their opinions, share comments, likes and dislikes. The focus of a digital marketing firm in Pune would be to ensure better engagement through a variety of techniques.

  1. Staying on Par with the Existing Trend

With people becoming more tech savvy by the day, it is always better to move to an updated channel of marketing. Not to forget that staying ahead in the game helps in connecting better with the clients, decreases time for lead conversions and saves money too. 

  1. Cost-Effectiveness

Unlike popular belief, digital marketing is quite economical and delivers great results. According to Venturebeat, the average ROI on the several digital marketing tools is 223%.

  1. Improved Lead Conversion

With better engagement and interaction, digital marketing builds the base for better lead conversion too. The actual result however, depends on the prompt follow ups and the strategies used for the same.

  1. Higher Turnover

Greater lead conversion would mean more business which in turn would lead to increased profits and overall turnaround too. Many organizations have successfully utilized digital marketing to increase the revenues too.

With IOT (Internet of Things) taking over the business functions, and the growing demand for personalization and ease of use, digital marketing is undoubtedly a strategy that needs to be adopted. While the above mentioned benefits can help you make an informed decision, we could help you devise the best marketing solutions.

Operating from our home base in Pune, Xenia Consulting is a  professional digital marketing company in Pune and helps organizations across the globe own their growth strategy with ease and elan. We have our presence on the web, or you could find us on Facebook and Twitter too.

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