Artificial Intelligence & SEO: 5 Strategies You Need to Follow

Gone are the days when age old wisdom and people with greater experience were sought to find answers to complex issues. These days Google has all the answers, so much that “Google it” is a part of the urban lexicon.  What is the impact of artificial intelligence on seo ?  Have you ever wondered, how does this search engine manage to break down the complex and even the illogical queries?  The answer, “RankBrain”, an algorithm learning artificial intelligence(AI) system, which according to Google is the third most important factor in the ranking algorithm along with links and content.

Yes, for those who still think AI is just the invincible adamantium clad Ultron or the other doomsday versions as portrayed in Hollywood flicks, it is time for a reality check. Jarvis (Facebook) exists for real, then we have IBM Watson, Google’s DeepMind, the more common Apple’s Siri, Netflix, Spotify, Alexa and so on. The applications of AI keep increasing by the day Be it games or self-driving cars, AI is reaching out all spheres of life. And according to MarketsandMarkets, “The artificial intelligence market is expected to grow from USD 21.46 Billion in 2018 to USD 190.61 Billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 36.62% between 2018 and 2025.”

While AI is prevalently used in digital marketing, for data collection, showcasing targeted advertisements (Google AdWords, AdSense) and relevant content and to deliver personalized experiences too. However, the use of AI in SEO is still at its nascent stage and holds great potential. So if you are worried about the impact of artificial intelligence on seo and for giving SEO that perfect AI twist, here are 5 strategies you should follow.  4 Points Companies Should Consider Before Hiring an SEO Agency

  1. Optimized Keywords

Type two words into the Google search box and 9 out of 10 times there comes a drop-down list of suggestions. As Google’s RankBrain uses AI technology to analyze the context of content and serve more accurate organic search results, the keywords phrasing should be optimized to match the context. The device from which the search is done impacts the keywords used too. Hence it is advisable to select a main keyword, then adjust and optimize the phrases used in association based on the sections available on Google SERP.

  1. Utilize SEO Tools

AI works in the background of most SEO tools available in the market today and SEO being labor intensive can definitely do well with automation for: Technical audits, Keyword research, Content optimization, Content distribution etc. Google Analytics, SEMrush and other tools (licensed/unlicensed) can be used for search monitoring, on-page problems, gather information to resolve issues. The automated tools can be used to evaluate the competitor’s website, be inspired, find opportunities for growth, modify the keywords as required, and for tracking and analyzing website traffic.

  1. Leveraging the Brand

SEO tools linked with social media can boost up the brand identity. However, for that to happen a brand has to be created first. Use the power of AI for showcasing the brand in a positive light and spreading the name on social networks. AI-based tools can also assist in identifying the local targets/audience. How important is SEO for a new website success

  1. Predictive Analysis

Business Intelligence is a key application of AI. Predictive analysis in SEO can assist in forecasting the popular keywords, identifying trends that can boost the sales. Such data can be used to improve the PR strategies, create new content for marketing, analyze the need for paid marketing and strategizing campaigns to match the current search requirements.

  1. Banking on Image and Voice Search

With the advancement in level of specified outputs that Google Voice or Image search delivers, this aspect also plays an important role in the SEO strategy. This in turn calls for optimization of keywords for informal queries, additional assets to support audio searches as well as textual queries etc. Another such trend is the image search and SEO strategies should now be optimized for tags, video descriptions etc. for increasing the visibility of the content. It must be quite obvious now that the impact of artificial intelligence on SEO is tremendous.

AI has a lot of applications. From delivering personalized web-surfing, e-shopping experiences to pushing relevant content based on the search patterns and more AI is already a part of the content and marketing strategy. However, for that to be fully successful the SEO strategy should adopt AI too.

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