How we Achieved Key Metrics for our Clients with a Website Redesign

A website redesign can help establish or re-establish your brand image in the digital space. If your website has become old-fashioned or a bit slow and cumbersome, it’s time for a change. Maintaining a solid digital presence is no longer a luxury for businesses and brands; it’s a necessity. Your website is often the foundation of your digital brand. Irrespective of how people discover your business – recommendations, internet searches, social media or more, they will always visit your website for more information.

Surprisingly, people form a first impression of your business in just 0.5 seconds after visiting your site. Unfortunately, that impression usually dictates how much time they spend with your website. Since 88% of individuals are less likely to return to your website after a bad experience, working on performance improvement for your website is vital.

What is Website Redesign?

It involves rebuilding the front-end and back-end components – UI/UX, functionality, coding, etc. with the help of website revamp services. You can add new features for a better user experience and drive more business leads during the process. The objective of a redesign project is often to serve your visitors better, boost revenue, reduce your bounce rate and improve the overall customer experience. 

When Do you Need a Website Redesign?

Every business has different needs for its website. Essentially, when your website isn’t serving its purpose, it may be time to look for a web design and development agency for a revamp. Here are a few reasons you could consider a redesign:

  • Your website doesn’t reflect your brand accurately
  • It’s outdated compared to the latest trends in the market 
  • The design isn’t responsive, thus affecting your click-through rate and lead generation
  • It doesn’t showcase your products and services in the best light 
  • Your site isn’t SEO-friendly, resulting in a loss of potential customers 
  • It isn’t supporting any solid content marketing strategy 
  • You’re looking for better control over updating the site regularly
  • You want to improve website security and lead generation 

Benefits of a Website Redesign

It’s recommended to redesign your website every two to three years to utilise the best practices in the industry and reflect the latest trends. Above all, it ensures an exceptional user experience. Some of the top benefits of a website redesign include the following:

  • A more cohesive brand identity that’s consistent with your business and messaging 
  • A modern CMS that promises website performance improvement and more innovative functionalities
  • Better SEO results for higher leads and increased website traffic
  • Improved user experience with a streamlined navigation architecture and faster page load times
  • Converting visitors into promising leads and actual sales
  • Ensuring better cybersecurity 
  • Perfect alignment with the current and future needs and goals of your business

Key Metrics to Consider During the Process

When you’re availing of website redesign services, consider the key metrics you want the project to achieve. For example, it could be increased website traffic daily, a more interactive and engaging UI/UX, better quality content with keywords, a lower bounce rate, the main KPI – conversion rate, better landing page performance, and more.

Xenia Consulting is a web design and development agency offering top-notch website redesign services to clients across the globe. Over the last few years, we have supported many brands in their digital transformation and designed some of the most appealing and result-driven websites.

Our websites have achieved significant results like a 25% reduction in bounce rates, 90+ page speed scores, 100% SEO-optimized websites, 5+ 3rd party tools integrated, and 10% more number of sessions per user with 25% more pages per session.

Backed by our well-written content and visually appealing design, we increased the average session duration by 15 minutes per user and average page time by 5-7 minutes per user. Above all, our clients enjoyed more than a 50% increase in organic search traffic and 10x better business leads flow.

Rethink your Website Redesign with Xenia Consulting

Our website redesign services are cost-effective, and client-friendly, always customised to suit your individual needs. From choosing the right technology, template, and design to completing the project on time, we leave no stone unturned to make your website redesign a success.

Want to drive outcomes in your digital strategies? Trust us to design an eye-catchy responsive website that significantly lifts your brand image and sales. 

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