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As an organization, it is common to set objectives across its different functions. Marketing is no different. Marketing objectives are defined for a year and broken down into monthly and quarterly goals.

As a digital marketing agency, when you work with clients, it is very important to understand these client objectives and then set clear paths to go out and achieve it in acceptable time-frames.

However, a lot of organizations fail either to meet the objectives or get extensively delayed leading to the project objectives being sub optimally met.

How can you make sure that your teams as well as your vendors stay committed to meet your marketing objectives?

1. Project Blue-print

Have a clear project blue-print and make it available to the team with the expected completion dates and a clear understanding of what these dependencies mean for the project. The client relationship managers and the project managers are best placed to put this in place, as they have already set expectations with the client on this topic.

2. Process metrics

Within your teams, lay down clear process metrics as to who is going to do what and the related approval workflows. Don’t load all approvals on the project leads. Keep the ownership of relevant tasks on individual team-members, so that they can innovate and excel at the work they are delivering.

3. Reporting dashboards

Invest in reporting dashboards by working groups, so that you get a clear view of the current status of the project. If any specific items are getting delayed, then the team gets a clear visibility and if need be, the client can be informed about such potential delays

4.  Buffer time for approval delays

Having a buffer time for approvals or any such delays, so that campaigns and other initiatives do not get delayed because of lack of approvals or operational delays from your client

Having a team that has strong accountability and transparency ensures that your projects stay on track and you are able to deliver, meeting customer expectations.

At Xenia Consulting, we go the extra mile for every customer that we work with. We offer back-office marketing support services and digital agencies and they completely rely on us for timely execution. Whether it is for email campaigns, SEO, PPC, Graphic design, list building or content, Xenia consistently delivers smiles to its customers.

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