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As a digital marketing firm, your clients look up to you for the most efficient ways to reach their target market and influence their buying decisions. It is quite likely that you have more emphasis on one of the channels and this has been giving you sub-optimal results. You want to move to other channels, but need not necessarily have the skills and capabilities in each of the other channels identified.

If you do not innovate and show results, it is quite likely that the client may move work away from you. What are your options?

Work with an agency that has capabilities in the adjacencies that you are looking for

Having all the necessary skills is never possible for a single agency. You will have some strength areas and some weakness areas. It makes better sense to be conscious about this and build on areas, where you are currently weak.

For e.g. you may have great campaign messaging and execution skills, but do not have the resources or the bandwidth to maintain your lists clean. Also, while scheduling your campaigns, it is common, not to have all the necessary skills in defining the right landing pages and powerful call to actions to ensure effectiveness of your campaigns.

Work as per a clearly defined process metric and a plan, so that you can track down all activities to closure. Having a strong project management rigour also helps in ensuring timely execution.

By having a partner, who can manage much of the execution related to the new marketing channels, you can focus better on client relationships and showcase new ways of winning new business.

At Xenia Consulting, this is really ingrained as part of our culture. With a strong execution ethic, we ensure that our clients objectives are consistently met, no wonder clients really trust us for their back-office marketing support services.

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