In marketing, how does ‘Always being on-time’ matter?

On-time delivery is always important. When you work with your clients, they always expect that all activities move based on a plan and as per a defined time schedule. Consistent delays can result in client dissatisfaction and can also lead to you losing the contract.

Marketing is all about maintaining a consistent presence in front of your target audience. If across your initiatives, your team ends up creating delays, it is quite likely that your initiatives will have sub-optimal impact.

As an agency, how can you ensure that you are always on-time?

  1. Make sure that you are staffed with the right resources based on the project plan. If you are expecting the same set of people to manage multiple clients and activities, it is quite likely that you are going to face delays
  2. Have a detailed plan and make that available to your teams, so that they know what is due when, and the dependencies are clearly identified. Ad-hoc working can cause a lot of damages.
  3. Allow time for approval delays, so that your campaigns and other initiatives do not get delayed because of approval delays from your clients.
  4. Make sure that right skills are working on the right projects. If the team members are less-skilled at particular tasks, then it is quite likely that they will not achieve their goals in time

Being consistently ‘on-time’ requires a different attitude and culture within your teams. They have to realize that it is sacrosanct to maintain delivery timeframes and ensure consistent execution.

At Xenia Consulting, this is really ingrained as part of our culture. By executing all initiatives on time, we ensure that our clients objectives are consistently met, no wonder clients really trust us for their back-office marketing support services.

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