10 Ways to Improve SEO Rankings

In our last post, we talked about why SEO is important for your company’s website. To remain competitive and maintain a strong online presence, they have to find ways to improve SEO rankings. They need to boost their SEO efforts significantly.

Here are ways to improve SEO rankings

1. Improve quality of content:

Content is king: we cannot stress this enough. The company’s content needs to be of top notch quality as well as recent and relevant to the audience. If you provide fresh content that the users want and like to read, it will ensure they stay on your website for a longer duration and improve your dwell time.

2. Influencer reach out:

Influencers in your domain can help you in getting your website to the first page of a search engine. You need to mention these influencers in your post and wait for them to share or promote your content. The normal tendency is when your name is featured in some relevant article, you tend to promote it as well. This also helps build credibility for the articles since they are being shared by a trustworthy influencer. Of course, the article needs to deliver value as well for the influencers to take notice.

3. Repair broken links:

It is very frustrating when a prospects arrives on your website only to find a 404 error. It generally dissuades them from proceeding further and you lose a valuable visitor. These links may have broken due to an old or neglected website. These need to be fixed at the earliest or they can significantly affect your SEO rankings. Fortunately there are many tools available on the internet that help you identify broken links so that you can get them fixed promptly.

4. Optimize your content:

Lengthy uninterrupted blog posts that have very little formatting can get very dull to read . Make sure your content has sufficient number of breaks by separating texts in paragraph formats. You could also add headers to highlight the topic of that paragraph. These are simple practices but go a long way in increasing readability of your content. There are free text editors online that can help you assess if your content is readable or not.

5. Optimize your images:

Not just your content but your images also need to be optimized. Add an alt tag to every image with keywords that you want to be searched for. The format and size of an image affect your website loading speed as well as create an impact on your visitors so they need to be of the right type. Images should be of high quality but if they are too large in size then they will take a lot of time to load. And visitors are not exactly patient when it comes to this.

6. Link to own content:

Some pages perform really well while some just about do okay but are not available on the first page of the search engines. Here they can be given a little push by adding links to them in your high ranking pages. Mention a relevant influencer or add more backlinks to ensure they rank at the top of SERPs. Linking to own content is also one of the ways to improve organic rankings

7. Conduct thorough keyword research:

It is highly important to conduct a thorough keyword research to understand what your prospects are searching for as well as what keywords your competitors are tracking. You can use Google Keyword Planner to get all of this information and use to create your set of keywords that are appropriate for your business.

8. Keywords for every page:

Ensure that each page has a dedicated keyword to help your audience understand what is the focus of that particular page. It also helps Google determine what each page is about so that it can direct traffic that is searching for that keyword. The more you simplify this process, the better Google can categorize your website pages.  Adding a keyword to every page is one of the ways to improve organic rankings

9. Add meta descriptions:

Every page needs to have a meta description that helps search engines as well as your visitors understand exactly what is available on your page. These descriptions can be upto 320 characters so you need to succinctly describe the content of that page. Also, it should not mislead the visitor in any way.

10. Update sitemap and submit to Google:

A sitemap is precise and detailed table of contents that helps search engines like Google or Yahoo efficiently categorize your website. It is important to let every search engine know that your website is up to date. Simply create a sitemap using online tools that easily available as well as free and create your own account on Google Webmasters. Then link your company website and simply follow all the instructions to quickly submit your sitemap.

All of these changes are some of the ways to improve SEO rankings. Your website is getting ranked higher on search engines due to growth in SEO rankings and these are also ways to improve organic rankings .

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