Top 6 Lead Generation Techniques to Get New Customers

The market is full of billions of users who would want your services and products. But, how can you be sure that the people you are targeting are actually your potential customers? How can you achieve this without spending huge amounts of resources, money, and time? And how can you possibly ensure that the people visiting your website are interested in your products or services? With this post, we intend to talk about some of the top lead generation techniques that will help you narrow down on your potential customers.

To answer all these questions about lead generation, we have formulated a list of lead generation strategies that can help you find new customers.

6 Lead Generation Techniques to Get New Customers

1.      Close the Deal with a Deal

Paytm, an e-wallet app, still offers cashbacks to first time users. Google Pay app, on the other hand, give users INR 50 for each referral. Give your users a deal they can’t deny. Some organizations even go as far as incurring losses on the first sale. The first sale is not meant to acquire big profits. It is just to make the sale. You need to start big – even if it means not getting any profits initially. Once you have gained a customer base, you can reduce the discounts or close the deal offer.

However, there’s a catch here – if deals have the power to attract genuine customers, it can also attract one-time users. So, your offers should be enticing but still formed in a way to keep one-time users away. For instance, some companies give a discount on the second purchase as a part of their lead generation strategies.

2.      Personalized User Experience

You can offer personalized experienced in almost everything. If not through your services, then via communications. If you provide make-up products of various brands, then you can offer free delivery to your users for an enhanced experience. A cybersecurity business can provide a free demo to users for analyzing what customized needs they have.

Why this is important?

Today, customers are willing to pay for quality services. If you provide a personalized experience, then customers feel they are valued, which enables them to return.

3.      Educate Your Users

When users avail your services, it is obvious that they need information on how you will help them. Educating customers can assist them in making an informed decision. This can be accomplished in various ways:

  • Search on Twitter about the trending topics, look for things of your relevance, and organize a webinar for it. For instance, jumping back to cybersecurity example, you could have organized a webinar to explain ransomware attacks when it happened.
  • Provide live chat support so that the users who visit your website have an instant option to clear their doubts.
  • Releasing E-books is another of some great lead generation strategies. This way, you can educate your users about the latest updates and enable them to utilize your services if they have similar issues.
  • Using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn work in the similar was as e-books. You just have to update blogs or posts about the latest news. In fact, through these digital mediums, you can target a much wider and specified audience.

4.      Partner With Influencers

Influencers are people on digital platforms who review services and products of companies. These people have specified fields such as food influencer, fashion blogger, etc.

The reason for using influencer marketing is to spread the word-of-mouth and increase your brand’s reliability. These influencers are people who live and function amongst your audience and many people look up to them to purchase products and services.

However, even after being such an essential medium for marketing, influencer marketing is not utilized by many companies. Some brands have gained popularity through influencer marketing only. They send their products to influencers for review, and from there, more audience comes in.

5.      Socialize

Socializing is often ignored in the lead generation strategies and marketing world. The lead generation team rather focuses on target audience than making contacts with people. However, if you think and work like a specialist, then you’d have contacts in every possible field. These people can refer you when there is a need for similar services as yours. Making contacts is never a bad option because you can instantly market your products and reach out to your prospects in a more trusted manner.

6.      Word-Of-Mouth Marketing

Word-of-mouth marketing is still the most effective form of lead generation strategies. Even if you combine the effects of advertising, direct sales, public relations, cold emailing, and digital media, this marketing will surpass everything. Personal recommendations are obviously more impactful than a Facebook ad. What would you choose a brand that your friend recommended or a brand you read about on the internet?

There are various ways of executing this such as referral programs, employee incentive program, and socializing (Refer above point).


According to experts, the consumer experience is one thing that will overrule every other factor such as price, when i t comes to successful Lead generation techniques. Users are looking for customer experience rather than low pricing. A user would be ready to pay a little extra for services that are impeccable and deliver utmost customer satisfaction. Hence, through all the above strategies, it is important to focus most on how to enhance consumer experience. If you get it right, everything will get on track.

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