How Inbound Marketing can Use Social Media To Drive Lead generation

Social media is part of the initial stage where you’re attracting people to your website. It helps you to attract new readers and returning visitors, which is an important part of your inbound marketing strategy. But did you know that you can also use Use Social Media To Drive Lead generation

Using Social Media to drive Lead generation

Creating great content is just the starting point, but content promotion is the key to gaining traction in attracting readers to your content. Your content promotion plan should include paid, owned, and earned social media tactics. This includes, using your own social media channels, paid social media ads, and encouraging social media relationships with other users. Social media will allow you to promote the content you’re creating and achieve your inbound marketing strategy goals.

Remember, your reach is only as much likes you have to your page or number of followers that you have. You will achieve true success, only when you are able to go viral with your post. Providing something meaningful and useful to readers will prompt them to like and share your page, helping you expand your reach significantly.

Some people go for every single social media channel for promoting their product and services, but it is not necessary to involve every social media platform available – you should better spend on the key performing and business relevant platforms that convert the best. Remember, nobody is awarding you for making use of every social media platform available, and all that matters for you is the reach you are able to garner to get to your target audience.

It\’s also important that social media doesn\’t just mean tweeting a few times a month. A great social media strategy must also include great content like videos, blog posts, or other unique content. You should create social posts based on these optimized and unique topics, make them insightful and engaging. Use language and imaginings that are eye-catching (keep in mind you’re competing with other rivalries on social media). You should run a deep analysis of your social media posts every month and see which one is receiving the best response, learn from them to improve your future posts to attract more customers.

Effective use of Social Ads –

Social ads can attract new visitors to your site. Social media is not just limited up to posting and sharing but creating paid social ads by targeting the right people will bring faster results.

You must consider these factors before investing in social ads.

  1. Relevancy– before creating social ads always ask few questions to yourself Is your social ad relevant? Will people get engaged when they see it? Will people find it attractive and exciting?
  2. Target Audience – This is one of the key factors in any kind of social ads. You should always choose the audience carefully. You want your posts to be seen by the right people rather than wasted on people who aren’t interested. By doing some research, you will get an idea of your ideal customers and you just have to focus your social ads on them.
  3. Timing – Some social ads do well because they go live at the right time. Consider your audience as you need to think what time they will likely be most receptive to your ads. For example, a food delivery service shows their ads before lunch time or dinner time extensively, they are likely to have more business.

Social media always plays a key role in inbound marketing, you could do inbound marketing without social media, but you would never see the kind of buzz and leads you are expecting from any form of marketing.

In a series of these posts, we will cover some more effective ways to grow your business using inbound marketing. We will cover the following.

Stay tuned for further details.

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