Why your business needs a website redesign

The digital world is moving at a rapid pace – and growing bigger even as you read this. From purchases to travel bookings, from movie tickets to food, people manage almost everything online. Imagine how important a website should be for your business then! It is your first introduction to buyers and we all know how important first impressions are.

Your website is what establishes your brand, offers information on your products and services, and finally produces leads. Now imagine the negative impact your business would face if the website is not updated from time to time and is totally outdated.

Being a vital aspect of your marketing strategy, your website should be refurbished and optimized to keep up with evolving industry standards, shifting trends and new digital ideas. A website refresh or update is a brand-new look for your site.

Here are a few reasons why your website may need a redesign:

  1. Your target audiences changed after you launched new products

You were targeting a particular kind of audience and your website was designed accordingly. Now, you may have launched new products or services which may have led you to change your target audience or market strategy. In this case, you may require a website redesign to serve the needs of your new audience. You may have to change a few design elements, the content of your website, the words you use to describe your products and services, etc.

  1. You have a high bounce rate

The bounce rate is the percentage of single-page sessions where a visitor came and left without interacting on the company’s site. You can get this metric on a site’s Google Analytics dashboard. A high bounce rate mainly shows that the visitor could not find what they were looking for, got bored with the site, or were not happy with the first impression. The average website’s bounce rate is 45%. So, as a business, you should aim for under 40% by giving the website a revamp. In this case, you would need to pay more attention to the homepage. You will need to keep it user-friendly, easy to navigate with only two to three complementing colors.

  1. You have complaints or negative feedback from your users

It is sometimes possible that your customer service team may have conveyed to you some issues with your current website. They may have received feedback from people saying they are not very happy with the way your website is. For instance, some may have said they can’t find you online easily. Some may have had trouble buying or looking at your products. Some may not be able to find your location. In these cases, your website design and content strategy needs to be changed to make your customers and users comfortable.

  1. Your site is very slow

In today’s fast-paced world, when time is a rare commodity, a slow website can majorly harm your business. When your audience gets to your website and it takes more than four seconds to load, you should know it is too slow. Audiences do not like to patiently wait for a website and they may simply move to another one. If your website is slow, you can miss out on precious leads. So, it is advisable to check a site’s speed manually by opening or browsing it on mobiles, tablets and desktop computers. It is best if your site loads fast on all devices at all locations.

  1. Your website is not mobile responsive

Nobody really has the time these days to sit in one place, open their laptops and access websites. People most often check out websites on-the-go on their mobiles or other devices whenever they have time. It is imperative then that your website should satisfy today’s multi-screen behavior. If your site is not mobile optimized, you may lose out on valuable leads and customers. Your website will have to be responsive and will need to look consistent on every mobile device.

  1. Your website looks outdated due to changing design trends/ rebranding

Industry-specific design trends keep changing every few years. Your website must keep up with the changes to survive in the market. If your website is a couple of years old, it will seem outdated when compared to a competitor who has a website that is up to date with the latest design trends. Besides, your website may also have to be revamped to keep with your marketing goals. If you have recently undergone a rebranding, your website too should reflect it. This means you will have to update your website to accommodate such changes in terms of logo, color scheme, tone, format, and content on the site.

  1. Your competitors’ website makes yours look too outdated

One way of finding out if your website is outdated or not is to look at your competitors’ website. If your website is not in line with the quality of your competitors, you are probably losing sales to them. They may have better SEO, content, functionality or design. This does not mean you redesign your website every time one of your competitors changes theirs. However, it is good to analyze your competitor’s online activities to assess if you are updated enough.


A well-designed and up-to-date website is one of the most effective marketing tools your business can have. It can enhance your brand, help market your business, and ultimately increase sales. But you have to stay alert and understand when your website needs a redesign. You can contact website development and website design companies who can provide you with expert help in achieving the best results. If you are looking for a website design company in Pune, you can get in touch with xenia consulting. We can help you create a website that is perfect, functional and fetches you the desired results.

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