Different Types of SEO ? Which Is Best For You?

How is SEO being used today?

The most common SEO techniques used by marketers all over the world are on-page and off-page SEO. SEO specialists are now pretty-much well versed and expert in both of these types of SEO practices.

On-Page SEO:

In a non-marketer language, on-page SEO are the activities carried out on a live webpage. Post optimization, that particular web page is supposed to rank high in the search engines and appear higher in the search results.

The on-page SEO activities include inculcating relevant keywords, choosing the right keywords, insert internal links, manage external links, include meta-tags and meta-descriptions, build customized URLs, add alt attributes to images, take care of the 404 errors, get rid of the broken links, make a simple web URL structure and include quality and meaningful content in the website.

Most marketers aim to work on On-page SEO to promote the webpages and the website on Google. Good on-page SEO helps users find your content easily.

Off-Page SEO:

Off-page SEO can easily be explained as the activities that are performed on a web page after it goes live on the web. Off-page SEO needs an understanding of the client domain and client products to make a real impact.

Some of the main activities included for off-page SEO are sharing the relevant posts on multiple platforms, commenting on the posts to engage users, use backlinks to the webpages for driving the traffic back to your website, like related posts on social media, including star ratings for the posts and being active on platforms and answering relevant questions. Conversations with a target audience on various platforms also make a lot of difference.

Off-page SEO needs a helping hand from the other team members of the team, as well. Even senior management of the company can play a useful role in building off-page SEO by being active on social media and linking the relevant web pages.

But there are many other types of SEO that we need to know more about to make the most impact as a SEO specialist.

\"\"Types of SEO:

1. White Hat SEO:

White hat SEO means carrying out the most legitimate practices that are abided by Google\’s guidelines for SEO. They are performed and used to gain higher rankings in search engine results. Many factors need to be taken into consideration while using white hat SEO techniques, such as,

      1. Well written content
      2. Relevant images and video
      3. Meta information
      4. Site architecture
      5. Site performance

White hat SEO is considered to be a complete approach as it uses Google\’s guidelines and doesn\’t find loopholes in the process. The results from these practices may be slow, but they are must more permanent and goal-driven.

2. Black Hat SEO:

Pretty much as the name suggests, black hat SEO works on finding loopholes in Google\’s algorithms and utilizing those to rank higher in the search results. These techniques are considered illegitimate and not appreciated very well.

Some very risky black hat SEO techniques popularly used are,

      1. Paid links
      2. Spam comments
      3. Duplicate Content
      4. Article spinning
      5. Cloaking
      6. Doorway pages
      7. Keyword stuffing
      8. Invisible text

Black hat SEO techniques are considered risky because they get found sooner or later. It not only affects the marketer but affects the client\’s online reputation and website. At times, the client needs to pay a specific fee as a punishment to use black hat techniques. Additionally, the results achieved through these techniques are considered short-lived.

3. Grey Hat SEO:

Grey hat SEO techniques came into existence mainly because of the pressure to perform. These are a mix of both Black hat and white hat. Grey hat techniques aren\’t recommended if you are good at what you\’re doing and are lacking good content practices.

Some grey hat techniques popularly used are,

      1. Cloaking
      2. Purchasing old domains
      3. Duplicate content
      4. Link buying
      5. Social media automation and purchasing followers

Grey hat SEO techniques might get you short-term instant results, but those don\’t sustain for long. They are certainly better than using black hat techniques, but good marketers don\’t go for them.

Marketers use these types of SEO to deliver search results to their clients and employers. But after all, there is no option to having great white hat SEO techniques, good quality content, and an excellent appealing website. A combination of these will give you the results you require for your website.

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