What are 5 most important white paper \’must-haves\’

As I mentioned in my earlier post, white papers are increasingly being accepted as an effective marketing tool in the B2B world.  So what are most important white paper \’must-haves\’ and what should it help you achieve as a marketer.

Here are some of my thoughts. Ideally, a white paper should:

  1. State a problem or issue,
  2. Discuss its relevance in the current ecosystem,
  3. Present different points of view on solving the problem and
  4. Propose a point of view/ solution.
  5. Your product or solution could be promoted subtly, but the paper must make an honest assessment of available alternatives.

A white paper should certainly not land up as another piece of sales collateral/brochure that goes hammer and tongs promoting your product/solution.

Once you have a high quality white paper and you can take it to your target audience, it is frequently a powerful source of inquiries. If not anything else, a good white paper helps portray you and your company as a thought leader on the topic and it definitely works in your favour.

These are just some of my views on most important white paper \’must-haves\’ Comments/Feedback welcome Top secrets to get your white paper to generate demand for you

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