Top secrets to get your white paper to generate demand for you

White papers are increasingly being accepted as an effective marketing tool. A lot of companies invest in getting good white papers done. These are then promoted using various marketing mechanisms to help achieve demand generation as well as thought leadership objectives. However not everyone is successful. I am summarizing some of the steps that can help you to get your white paper to generate demand for you

  1. Content – Make sure that the content you are putting in the white paper is not biased and appears as third party neutral standpoint. Focus on facts and inferences, rather than sales talk. Also make sure that the content is relevant for the defined target audience. Remember that you cannot satisfy everybody with one white paper.
  2. Readability – Focus on the graphic element. You might have a lot of data, but is it readable. Try and include images, illustrations, charts to convey your ideas. If this is not available, try and use summary boxes that can help break the monotony
  3. Messaging in line with your areas of focus – Write on topics that will help you strengthen a position that you want to attain. White papers position you as an authority on that particular topic, as you cover several dimensions, while arriving at a conclusion. Make sure that this is in line with your areas of focus to ensure that this is not a wasted divergent effort.
  4. Use catchy titles – For the main headers as well as the sections within, use of catchy headers will ensure the attention of your readers.
  5. Make an abstract – Create multiple abstracts of the white paper, once done and use them to promote your white paper in different forums
  6. Promote – You might have a great white paper, but unless it reaches your target audience, it does not help you achieve much. Make sure that have an integrated plan to promote it on social media, email marketing and other marketing mechanisms.

I hope this was useful and very soon you can get your white paper to generate demand for you. Let me know your feedback and other comments.2 golden rules to help define your content marketing program


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