Ways to Optimize Facebook Ad Campaigns

A Facebook campaign can prove to be one of the most effective marketing campaigns. The social media platform is known to have over 1.59 billion monthly active users and several in-depth targeting features which makes it a great place to find qualified leads. Running a Facebook ad is an extremely useful way to grow your business.

But for Facebook ads to work, you need a strong, winning strategy or else the money you invest in advertising may go completely waste. Often the reason why Facebook ads do not work is because people mistake it for any other kind of advertising. However, Facebook does not work like that. You cannot just have a product, place its ad on Facebook and make a sale. Facebook is not a shopping portal, it is a platform where people connect with each other. So, the approach to Facebook advertising is very different from other platforms.

Here, we look at the various ways in which you can optimize your Facebook Ad campaign:

  1. Select your right audience

You may put your Facebook ads out there for thousands of people. But what use is it if it is not the right people. For your ads to yield some results, you need to create a target group of the right audience. You can do this by using the option of Ads Manager. From this you can select the Ads Manager dashboard, select Tools » Audience Insights. Through these options you can create a proper group of your audience with the right country, age, gender, interest fields etc. Once you have your right fit, you save the option so that you can access it at any time in the “Audiences” section of your Power Editor.

  1. Design a proper Facebook Campaign

The next step is to create your Facebook ad. You start with Create Ad option at the top of the screen. You can use the Power Editor option because it is a more advanced tool with more features. Under this, you can create your Campaigns, Ad Sets, and Ads. A Campaign is where you decide your advertising objective and an Ad Set is where you define your targeting, placement, bid settings, budget and schedule for your ads. This option also allows you to create your own ad and give it a name.

  1. Set up a budget

If you have a higher budget, it does not necessarily mean more sales, but it can push your ads and you can start optimizing and generating results. Different campaigns may demand different sized budgets. An effective tool for better optimizing Facebook ads is Budget Optimization. You can turn this feature on and off throughout the campaign as long as all your ad sets are optimized for the same conversion. By using Budget Optimization, you allow the Facebook algorithm to distribute your daily ad budget across all your ads in the entire campaign, rather than limiting your budget within each ad set.

  1. Design your actual ad and run it

The next step is to design your actual ad. You can use the Ad icon on the left-hand side of the Power Editor to edit your ad. Once you select your Facebook business page from the dropdown menu, your ads will be displayed as coming from this page. You then create an image or a video for your ad by using visual content creation tools like Visage. Once you are happy with your design, you can upload your image to the Power Editor. If are satisfied with your ad, you can now run it. It is advisable to run your Facebook ads for at least 48 hours in order to give your campaign a chance to start getting conversions.

  1. Monitoring ads

While Facebook ads will run on their own, you will still have to spend some time monitoring. You cannot just leave the ads unattended. You will have to keep an eye on the metrics and progress of the campaign. The Ads Manager allows you to compare results from two time periods side to side. You can then turn off the ads or campaigns that are not generating any results and leave on the ones that are.


Facebook ads are a great way to get qualified leads for your business and all of this comes at a relatively low price. You will just have to pay attention to the strategy you use which will determine your success or failure. Facebook ads work most often, but you have to ensure that you follow ways like the above-mentioned ones to optimize them.


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