How PPC and SEO Work Together

While most of us think that search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) are two different segments (which they of course are), have you realised that the two can work wonders if clubbed together in terms of maximizing traffic and bringing conversion opportunities. SEO (as you may know already) is the process through which a website is optimised to rank higher in searches for targeted keywords. PPC, aka pay-per-click advertising, is the advertising you see at the top and to the sides of search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing or even social media networks.

There are several paybacks of integrating SEO and PPC that range from increasing organic traffic, paid clicks and eventually spike in profits.

Here’s a lowdown on some of the benefits of SEO and PPC.

  1. Leads to increase in visibility

When you decide to combine SEO and PPC, it leads to an increase in the exposure on the search engine results. If you look at optimizing your website as well as purchasing PPC advertising for a particular keyword, you are making a place for your brand at the top of search results. Once you dominate the organic as well as paid search results, the advantage is that you will actually look like an established player in the market.

  1. Helps reach visitors through remarketing

It is possible that sometimes shoppers may want to buy your product, but may want some time to think over it. When you mix together your SEO with a form of PPC called remarketing, you can bring these visitors back to your site and complete their purchase even if it’s at a later time. For instance, you may have visitors on your website who want to buy furniture, but take a pause at that moment. When you purchase ad space from a website in Google’s network, you can show them ads for that same furniture at a later time. This will remind them to come to your site again and complete the purchase.

  1. Allows to test the strength of keywords

Sometimes, it is possible that you have narrowed in on a specific keyword for your SEO efforts, but are not sure how effective it will be. A great way to test the success of this keyword is with PPC. First pick a keyword that you think will work and purchase PPC advertising for it. You can then observe the results for a while, and see how your website performs. If you think that it is performing fine, you can begin optimizing your site for it. If not, you can skip SEO for this keyword. Since PPC is not very expensive, it’s a good testing method.

  1. Augments E-Commerce efforts

Through Google you can now link specific product pages to PPC ads. How it works is that the ad will feature the product, sometimes complete with reviews, and will take the user directly to the product page. The visitor can then make a purchase here. This will help give a great boost to your existing e-commerce efforts.

  1. Enhances social media visibility

In the recent past, the power of specific target advertising via social media has increased significantly. Platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram all produce ads that are targeted to extremely specific groups of people. For instance, with the help of user profiles on Facebook, it is now possible to show an ad only to 20 year olds living in a particular city who are interested in bicycles. It may be a small group, but it is specific. You can then use the data that the results of these campaigns yield about key demographics for your product. This data can be used by your SEO team to refine your content strategy and to devise new and specific content.

  1. Strengthens overall strategy

Once you run organic and PPC campaigns simultaneously, you will get double the amount of data to analyze. This will help you identify which organic and PPC keywords will lead to the highest conversion rate, so that you can use that and optimize your overall strategy.

Both PPC and SEO have at their core similar goals — both are aimed at increasing viewership for websites, scaling up conversion rates and lowering costs. The only variation is that they both have different means to achieve the end. But it makes the most business sense to combine the two methods which increases the prominence and brings in a more successful search strategy.

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