Top 20 Tips To Increase Your Conversion Rate In Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is an incredible tool that companies have today that allows them to speak millions at the same time. A few decades ago, this was an unheard of thing because marketing efforts, especially for small businesses, were limited to newspaper, radio or television spots and that too only if you could afford them. Now, companies have their own websites and the increased reach of digital marketing has presented businesses with some unique opportunities.

The end and most expected result of Digital Marketing is, of course, conversion. The conversion rate of a website is the count of potential customers that then become “customers” from “leads”. A spike in the conversion rate is significant to increase your return on investment.

We bring to you top 20 tips that will help improve your conversion rate in digital marketing.

  1. Make it user-friendly

It is extremely important that customers have the best shopping experience when they decide to buy from you. You need to keep things simple, avoid unnecessary information and let them buy things through minimum clicks. The calls to action have to be vivid. For instance, a clear indication like “Add this product to your basket or cart” is a winner!

  1. Acquire customers’ trust

Today’s customers are an informed and cautious lot. You will have to put in some extra efforts to build their trust and credibility. Simple aspects like the website having contact information in clear and complete ways is very essential.

  1. Be honest

If the product is out of stock, be outright and inform the customer at the start. Why have them spend valuable moments browsing through the website only to be told at the end that the product is out of stock. Be very clear and unambiguous about policies such as shipping, discount, pricing, returns etc.

  1. Provide proper product information

Customers need to have a proper know-how of your products, their USPs etc before they decide to buy. You can put user videos, illustrations, infographics, dos and don’ts etc to help them.

  1. Don’t ask for too much information

You may need some information from customers to keep them engaged for the long-term. But that gives you no right to bug them with filling in columns of information and look like an intruder. If you want customers to have a pleasant experience, give them the option to provide information or skip and go directly to what they want.

  1. Respect customer privacy

If you fail to keep safe the critical information you have acquired from customers, it’s a red flag situation for your business. So before you sell such critical information, remember, customers trust you when they buy from you and it’s your duty to respect their privacy.

  1. Offer a good USP

In a highly competitive world, with its legion choices, if you want customer to buy from your website, you have to offer a clear USP. It could be free delivery, prompt customer support, quality products at affordable prices etc. Something like a money-back guarantee also helps move past initial reservations.

  1. Save customers’ valuable time

It should not be tough for customers to view similar products when they put a product in their cart. Opt for time-tested and proven methods like cross-selling and upselling to enhance sales.

  1. Post great product pictures, videos

Striking pictures that bring out the best features of the product can go a long way in impressing customers. It is good to invest in such product photography. Videos are also a great way to expand audience and bring in new leads.

  1. Spend time on testing

If you are looking at converting, you have to spend time testing. Choose elements from your campaign like email subjects, images, taglines etc and put them through rigorous and controlled testing. This will make your digital marketing efforts more effective.

  1. Optimize your forms

A solid lead generation campaign is the base for conversion. In many cases, this may require filling out a form. Ensure that the form is designed in the best way with attention to details like automatic filters to make sure the data you are being given is real and valid.

  1. Offer flexible payment options

It is essential to offer users easy payment options. Provide proper alternative taking into consideration that not everyone may have credit cards, Paypal or Western Union options.

  1. Make it easy to contact you

Your users will be able to contact you if you are easily available to them. Make sure you are available through all sorts of communication channels: form, phone, chat etc.

  1. Utilize your conversion funnel

A basic conversion funnel is made up of four primary segments: awareness, interest, consideration, and conversion. You can use this funnel, run tests and finally figure out exactly how to increase your conversion rate.

  1. Create communities

Communities are a great way to gain users’ trust. You can reach out to more and more people this way. It will also help to create User Generated Content.

  1. Use heat maps

Heat maps help you to know every detail about your users’ behaviour when they are navigating through your page. Information like what do they pay most attention to, where do they get bored, what are they systematically ignoring can help a lot.

  1. Focus on your social media presence

The power of social media is enormous. Leveraging its clout can be very beneficial to you in generating more conversion. Social media has to be seamlessly integrated into your communication.

  1. Create a sense of urgency

While ‘accelerators’ are a proven tool for digital marketing, it is essential to use them wisely. Offers with “Last chance” or “Limited availability” give users the extra push they need to convert ASAP.

  1. Mobile as a must-have

In this highly mobile world, with so many mobile devices being accessed all the time, your campaigns have to be completely responsive. If you want to reach out to a larger base of potential clients, you need to put together everything for a perfect viewing, be it on a smartphone, tablet, phablet, desktop or any device.

  1. Create effective content

Content Marketing has proved to be of great help in conversions. It attracts quality traffic which consists of users who are interested in your products and brands. Add proper testimonials because when people hear others talk positively about a product, it helps build trust and loyalty.

We hope these ideas help you improve your digital marketing campaigns and achieve good conversion rates!

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