2 Actionable Ideas to Increase Website User Engagement

You open a web-page, probably are redirected to it through some advertisement on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or some website where you were scrolling through an article. But, the moment you look at the website, your impression is set, right from the design to the color schema, it all acts as factors that create engagement. But does that suffice? What about the content? Eventually the website doesn’t seem of much interest and you just leave the page if the content doesn’t cater to your interest.

A normal scenario that most of us encounter during our web-time. But, what if the website is yours? You wouldn’t want the audience running away that quick would you? And if anything, that would mean the bounce rate of the website is high, which isn’t a good sign at all. While all the effort in designing, content development etc. always focuses towards user engagement, what are the other aspects that can improve it.

Here are 2 actionable ideas to increase website user engagement.

  1. Keep The Design Simple and Optimized

First things first, does your home page show the audience what they are looking for? Does it help the user, move forward or is it just a static page with no cross-links at all? Well if it’s the latter, then you need to work on the content. And for the former, the navigation to get from point A to point B should be organized and easy to locate. Linking however, doesn’t mean a cobweb, but a pathway through the website, highlighting the aspects that should grab attention.

In spite of how good the design is, the strategy may fail if the loading time is higher. If going from one page to another or even just the loading of home page takes more time than normal. The target audience may not be always patient to sit through low loading. So, before launching, conduct a page speed test using free tools and test it manually too. Identify the elements that increase the loading speed and remove those or optimize those to improve the loading speed.

  1. Don’t Compromise on Quality

The quality and relevance of content plays an important role in user engagement. In the end it is the content that leaves a mark. Irrespective of the design and the interface, a website without quality content ca only cater to the audience once or twice. Good content on the other hand can engage the users for longer, bringing them back for more and that works when content, mostly through blogs, articles, presentation etc. is posted frequently or in a regular interval.

And it is equally important to maintain the consistency. This stands true for both the overall style of the website and the tone of the website content and the content in blogs, articles etc.

While these two are the topmost most actionable ideas, there are many other aspects that can improve the engagement score of a website like: Content relevance, responsive design, search options, profile creation, Q&A portal etc. However, for all of that to work, knowing the audience comes first and so before anything else the website design, content etc. should be created focusing on the audience and that can be only done when proper audience research is conducted at the start. You can also keep improving by including a feedback form or a survey in the end of each page to understand the user’s opinion and improve the website accordingly. But, do keep in mind that the whole process shouldn’t be extremely lengthy and time consuming.

So, does our website look, read and function interestingly? Do share your feedback.


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