Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Relevance Score

Facebook’s Relevance Score is a rating on a scale of 1-10 that shows how well your Facebook ad is being received by your target audience. A high relevance score can naturally make your Facebook ad campaign very successful. Ads that have a low relevance scores are punished with higher costs, and ads with high relevance scores are rewarded with lower costs. This means if you focus on improving the relevance score of your ads, your campaigns will more likely succeed.

Here are the top 10 ways of improving your Facebook Relevance Score:

  1. Know your target audience

You need to first figure out who your target audience is before you actually decide to target them. You will have to do some audience research and create your buyer personas. Pay attention to factors like basic demographic info like age, gender, occupation, problems and feedback. Once you have this information, you can decide who your ads should be targeting. To be more relevant, find out which demographics are already liking your posts, and use them to target similar users.

  1. A/B test the right audience

Another way to improve your Facebook relevance score is running an A/B test. Split testing is testing two versions of the same thing and see which version performs better. For split testing, Facebook suggests two ways: a) Show the same ad to two different audiences to see which audience responds best b) Show two different ads to the same audience to see which ad does better with your target audience.

  1. Use good, high-quality ad images and copy

If an ad looks well designed, people are more likely to click on it. So to improve your Facebook Relevance score, you have to ensure that your images are relevant to your business and what your ad is trying to accomplish. Also, they have to be of high-quality. Blurry images will do nothing to improve your relevance score. The text of the copy also has to be clear and succinct.

  1. Increase the value proposition of your ad

Social media users are spoilt for choice. They have so much around them that if you want someone to click on your Facebook ad, you need to give them a good reason to do so. You have to see to it that you tell people clearly about your unique value proposition (UVP). Your value proposition should highlight the benefits of your product or service that are relevant to the target audience.

  1. Work on great headlines

One of the first aspects to catch your users’ attention is your Facebook ad headline. Headlines can have a huge impact on your ad’s click-through rate. The right headline has the power to make or break your campaign. Be sure to work on some real good headlines.

  1. Create a sense of urgency

The first few minutes are a very crucial time, so you need to convert people fast while they are excited about your offer in that time. To add urgency to your Facebook ad copy, you can try using aspects like

Defining clear dates like “Today only” or “Offer ends in 8 hours.”

Offering good discounts

Placing your offer in the ad’s headline or the image

  1. Create video ads

In the last few years, Facebook’s video consumption has gone up tremendously. A great way of improving your Facebook ad relevance score is to introduce video ads to your campaign mix. Facebook video ads that are under 2 minutes work well considering as the length increases, engagement may drop. Also, it is recommended to make the first 30 seconds of video so good that people will want to watch the rest.

  1. Focus on location-specific ads

If your product or service is more relevant to people in specific locations, you can create a Local Awareness campaign. This will have two main features: map cards that will share locally relevant details about your business like a map pin for your location, distance, hours of operation and a link for directions and Call-to-action button like getting directions, Call Now on XXX, Learn More, and Send Message.

  1. Choose the best advertising time

It is possible that your Facebook ad offers aren’t of use to people 24X7. You can actually choose the time the ad is the most relevant to them. For instance, B2B audiences may not want to buy new services during the weekend. You can select the best advertising slot accordingly.

  1. Steer clear of creating Facebook Ad Fatigue

Ad fatigue can happen when people have seen your Facebook ads so many times that they grow tired of them. One way to predict the ad fatigue is to monitor your Facebook ad frequency, or how many times an average audience member has seen your ad. Try to keep your Facebook ad frequency under 2-3 points.


The Facebook ads relevance score is a vital indicator of your ad’s success. Paying attention to the factors mentioned above go a long way in achieving a high relevance score. You may want to consult experts who can help you improve your Facebook Relevance Score. For expert social media marketing services in Pune, get in touch with Xenia Consulting

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