7 Steps to Launch Your First LinkedIn Ads Campaign

LinkedIn has over 560 million users which includes professionals in every industry possible. This makes it the biggest source of potential new business leads available in the world.

Naturally then, if you are a B2B marketer you have to be on LinkedIn because ads on LinkedIn will give you the ability to reach your ideal prospects through strong targeting that allows you to customize your campaigns based on precise industries, locations, job titles, etc. But LinkedIn ads are different from Facebook ads and hence need a different strategy.

Here’s a guide on 7 Steps to Launch Your First LinkedIn Ads Campaign

Launching Your First LinkedIn Ads Campaign
# Step 1: Create great profiles

Before you work on your ad copy, you should do some other things. You will have to work on your profile first. Begin with optimising your own personal LinkedIn profile. Then, you create a nice company profile. While doing so, you have to remember that Google previews 156 characters which means you will have to ensure that the first 2 sentences or so of your “About Us” section do a really good job of communicating who you are. Next, lead with a story by including any relevant keywords that you want to show up for. And then, get your team onboard so that everyone at your company makes up your brand.

#Step 2: Endorse good content

Every week LinkedIn sees about 9 billion content impressions which are being driven by just 3 million people. This means there’s a lot less competition here than other platforms like Facebook. So if you post good content, you stand a good chance of generating great engagement on LinkedIn. Remember to share something daily. It could be a blog post or ask for people\’s thoughts and opinions and respond to problems. Optimize your copy because for any piece of content, the words you choose to use are important. After you work on the copy, you will have to ensure that your content is visually appealing. This can make a great difference to your performance. Next use your content to build trust, and position yourself as an opinion leader in your industry. Don\’t try to be too salesy. Also, don’t forget to tag companies or people who would find that content useful.

 # Step 3: Evaluate the data

Once you have started posting content, you will have to evaluate and analyze the data around that content to see how well it’s performing. Find answers for who is engaging with your content and what kind of content are they engaging with the most. You will have to check if you are reaching the right kind of people. If not, give a twist to your headlines to see if you can appeal more. What topics are appealing to your audience? Are they blogs, podcasts, videos or anything else? Studying this will help you to learn much more about your audience.

 # Step 4: Sponsor and target right content      

Sponsored content is a great way to start off with LinkedIn ads. For this, you don’t need a huge budget to reach a wide audience. Boosted content is more cost-effective especially if it gets good organic engagement. At this stage, you will have to create your campaign and then set your targeting. While targeting, you need to filter by area geographically, by the type of industry and then targeting people based on their jobs. Based on all of this, you can decide your budget and bidding options. Daily budget is the amount of money you can spend each day on average. Bid is how much you can pay per click.

 # Step 5 Optimise your campaign

Once the first four steps are done, your LinkedIn ads campaign is up. You will then have to monitor your ads to see how they perform, then improve that performance over time. You will have to pay attention to your cost per click and/or cost per impression because that is how you are actually bidding on the LinkedIn platform.

 # Step 6 Conversion tracking

The next step is to check the option to set up conversion tracking for your LinkedIn campaign. This will track and measure the actions people take after clicking on your ads. Conversion tracking is an optional part of setting up your LinkedIn advertising campaign, but it can be a very valuable option for your business.

 # Step 7 Pay attention to high price B2B product

LinkedIn is a great place to reach out to professionals, which means it’s very useful for B2B offers. This naturally means that thanks to the high costs for quality B2B traffic, high-ticket offers tend to work best on LinkedIn. If you have a B2B product or service with a high price tag, you can do really well on this platform.


LinkedIn ad campaigns will need some amount of patience and strategy, but they can be a huge factor in your company\’s marketing success. What’s your LinkedIn ad campaigns strategy like?


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