The Latest Google Search Console Updates

Anything which evolves today will change after some time. This is the law of nature and we can’t avoid it. Change or updates brings new improvements and optimize performance. It’s always a better version of the older one. But why we are talking about the change?

Because Google has migrated the old search console to a new search console and launched the beta version last year. Are you interested to know the latest developments in new search console?

You are still reading this post means you are curious to know the latest update.

Let’s Move on…

Here are the latest Google Search Console updates which you should know

#1. Performance Report

The performance report is the first feature launched in the beta version of Google Search console. This report shows you the keyword for which you are ranking for, your Google position and CTR. Which can be further used to improve the ranking of your article.

The biggest benefit of this report is that it incorporates 16 months of data, instead of 3 months. This data helps Google to easily analyze longer-term trends in your data. As a result you can create year-on-year comparisons. Very soon, this data will also be available via the Search Console API.

#2. Index Coverage Report

Index Coverage Report is the most exciting feature of new Search Console. This report gives details of indexation status reports and Crawl errors of all the URL’s Google views and treats from your website.

The new search console provides information related to correctly indexed URL’s, warnings about potential issues, and the reasons why some URL’s are not indexed by Google. This new report is built on the new issue tracking functionality which alerts you when new issues are detected and helps you in fixing those issues. You can test the result of all the sites or individual sitemap to find crawling and indexing issues.

#3. URL Inspection

The URL inspection tool is used to inspect the individual web pages of your website. This tool provides the minute level of URL analysis and helps you look for web pages that need to be indexed by Google. The best part is it allows you to do live tests against your URL and gives a report based on real-time visibility not as per the last time when URL was indexed.

Search console hardly takes a few seconds to analyze the web page and provide information on whether URL is indexed by Google or not along with information about coverage and mobile usage. If URL is not indexed then it helps you to find what’s wrong with your page and allows you to fix the issues so that Google can reindex the page.

#4. Google Discover Report

Google Search Console has recently added a Discover report to help publishers to understand how searchers are finding their site through the Google Discover feature. This feature let users discover new articles based on their interest. Anyone can access this feature using Google app on Android and iOS including chrome app.

This discovery not only works based on user’s interest but it also opens up a new channel for content marketers to get discovered. Contents are published based on the user’s interest and if it is liked by them then automatically Google boost the ranking of those pages. This is one of the best methods that can be used by SEO expert to rank the web pages.

Google Discover Report actually helps to answer the following questions:

1.    How frequently your site is shown in users’ Discover? What is the traffic volume?

2.    Which content is performing well in Discover?

3.    How your content perform differently in Discover as compared to traditional search results?

#5. Manual Actions Report

Manual actions report has got a new look in the new search console. This report helps users to view their site’s entire action history. What issues were found on your web page, what kind of request review has been submitted by site owners? This helps you to check your progress over time.

This feature comes handy as it allows reviewing your website performance quickly which ensures your websites perform at their best.

#6. Links Report

This report combines the data from “Links to your site” and “Internal Links” report and allows you to see more accurate data. This data shows the bigger picture of how the links to your site are used internally and externally.

#7. AMP Status Report

This updated report helps you fix errors and shows all AMP pages with issues due to which they are prevented from appearing in Google search results. Once you click specific issue and see the issue details which are affecting pages then you can fix it and send a notification to Google about your fixes so that pages can be reindexed again.


Google Search Console is one of the best free SEO tools available and the new set of updates makes it even better. This tool helps to monitor and improve your website performance. If you care about where and how your website appears on search engines then you need to be up to date with the present and any future updates.

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