Top 20 Backlink Strategies to Improve Your Rank

Link building isn’t easy and one of the most challenging aspects of SEO. Backlinks not only plays a vital role in improving your websites rank but also have a huge impact on your brand\’s overall reputation. Backlinks give an indication to search engines that others are vouching for your content. Thus it increases your website visibility which in turn results in more traffic, popularity, trust, and relationships.

Are you struggling to build high-quality backlinks to your site? Then you’re in the right place.
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Here are the top 20 backlink strategies to boost your website’s ranking

#1. Outreach

Outreach is one of the critical components of the link building campaign. It can make or break a company’s SEO results. The main purpose of outreach is to create valuable backlinks which increase referral traffic and leads to your websites. Outreach is reaching out to other bloggers of your niche, introducing your content and requesting them to add a link to your article.

It’s not necessary to have awesome content on your website for getting a backlink. If you have something which is link-worthy like product, service, business, brand or any other tools which are useful for people then people link to it.

#2. Guest Posting

Guest posting is one of the best ways of building powerful backlinks. Writing on another website provides an opportunity to reach new audiences and enhance your online visibility. This strategy not only helps you to build your brand and increases your social media following but also gets you quality backlinks.

Look for the topically-relevant sites in your industry, engage with them on every social platform by replying to tweets and sign up for their newsletter. Later pitch them for the guest post through email. If an idea is good they will accept your request for a guest post. Write a valuable and qualitative article for them, it will drive traffic and make you popular among the audience of that blog.

#3. Broken Link Building

Broken link building is one of the easiest and proven link building strategy. It is a tactic in which you find broken links on other websites, offer them a chance to fix their broken link by replicating the content on your website.

By doing this you provide value to the webmaster, help them in cleaning their websites and build valuable backlinks to your websites. The most important thing is you need not to create new content, you can use the existing content on your website for replacing the link.

#4. Infographic Link Building

Infographic is an incredibly easy way to get naturally placed backlinks. Infographics not only attract more eyeballs but draws more backlinks than the traditional textual content. Only thing is it has to be good and as you publish any piece of textual content, similarly you need to strategically promote your infographic in front of the right people at the right time to gain links naturally.

Infographics are a powerful weapon of the content marketer that’s why it is a hot property among SEOs and link builders. Use Guestographics to add more value and publish high-quality infographics for link building.

#5. Link Reclamation of your mentions

Link reclamation is a simple but powerful tactic of link building. It is a task of finding opportunities on the web where your brands have been mentioned without including a link. Find those mentions of your brand and check whether it is linked back to your site or not. If not then reach out to the publisher and request them to add a link back to your site.

Since webmaster has already mentioned you and they have positive brand sentiment for you, chances of getting a conversion on your request are very high.


#6. Reclaiming Lost Backlinks

Recovering your dead backlinks is one of the fastest ways of link building. With time websites undergoes a lot of changes. Information is pruned, pages are added, moved or deleted, and contents are updated. This movement can have a big impact on existing backlinks to your website.

When the site is re-launched or migrated to another domain this problem usually happens. If you find some backlinks that are pointing to dead pages then it will return 404 error. Fix it by redirecting these backlinks to some other page on your website or to some other page of the relevant site in your industry.

  • Redirect (301) the broken page (404) to the new location Or
  • Redirect (301) the broken page (404) into a relevant page on your site Or
  • Reach out to the owner/author of the site linking to your 404 pages, requesting them to update the link

Option 1 is the easy fix as you need to find the new page location and implement the redirect.

#7. Reclaim links from stolen images

If high-quality images like infographics, photographs, diagrams, screenshots, etc. which are embedded in your site are used by another website without your permission. You can find those websites and leverage image theft for building quality links or giving you credit.

#8. Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is still a popular and valuable way of link building. Leaving your thoughtful and insightful comment along with your name and email address helps you to build your brand and establish yourself as a thought leader in a particular industry.

The industry has changed but the blog commenting is still a viable practice as it helps you with your branding and become a source of direct traffic. Once you develop your brand, you will start getting organic links as people start sharing your site on their own websites and on social media.

#9. Build Relationships

Building a relationship is a powerful method of link building. If you have a good relationship with people around you, in the community, forums or in your industry. You will be able to win the trust of your target audience and hence build authority.

As in the real world if you purchase one object and if it works well then your friends also refer the same. Similarly in the real world links pertains to referrals or references. Forging good relationships makes it easy for you to build great, and quality links.

#10. Testimonials

Testimonials are a kind of feedback of your product or service experienced by the customer. It exhibits trustworthiness for your brand or your business. If the product or service meets your customer expectations then they supply good testimonials. These testimonials are published by the companies on their website and link back to the person who wrote it.

Thus testimonials help in building trust with your customers and earn a backlink to your site. Such a situation is a win-win for both the parties so contact the companies with whom you have worked and requests them to offer to write a review about their product.

#11. Create Valuable Content

Creating content which solves the problem of people and provides valuable information on what they are searching for on the internet will always benefit your site. Justify your information with facts and figures. This will help you to build your authority in that niche and hence others will link to you as an authoritative source.

Don’t just write an article for the sake of publishing and maintaining consistency. Instead, provide the best information possible which will attract your content as an authoritative source to link back to your article.

#12. Repurpose Your Content

Quality content is the backbone of content marketing and takes a good amount of time. But humans have a tendency to retain 65% of the information when content has visual elements over text.  Therefore repurpose the content in proper formats such as an infographic or video? Then submit this content to infographic or video-sharing website. Addition of images or publishing content in video format increases the likelihood of shares and backlinks.

#13. Listing your site in Targeted Online Directories

Adding your website information in relevant online directories increases your online presence. Submitting the information under the correct category is vital. Therefore check the domain authority of the directory before adding information. This not only increases your online visibility but also helps to connect with your target customers. In addition to that presence on specific directories can also help your website to reach its SEO goals.

Online directories are like online business listings which are a form of backlink that helps to optimize your site for better search engine ranking. This further increases the flow of visitors to your site and hence gives signals to search engine crawlers that your site can cater to online users’ needs.

#14. Video Transcription and Promotion

Video transcription is the fastest way of building links. Videos are generally used by experts or influencers to communicate their expertise. It may be in the form of tutorials, presentations, Vlogs, webinars, Hangouts, Q&A’s, Industry updates, etc.

Transcribe the video content of influencers in your industry and publish the content to your site. Then reach out the influencer and update him by sharing the link of the transcripted video. If an influencer promotes your link in one of his posts then a ton of traffic will be directed to your site and you may get links from authoritative sites.

#15. Quora Hacking

Quora is a powerful community to gain and share knowledge. It’s a popular Q&A site. Search for a keyword related to your niche, then write a top-notch answer to the thread with lots of traffic. This will increase the chances of your answer being upvoted which in turn will increase the chances of receiving referral traffic from the thread.

While writing an answer you can link as a referral or quote your website as the source.  This will help you to build your brand and authority and improve your website traffic.


#16. Stealing Competitor’s Backlinks

Analyzing competitor’s backlink is a well-proven link building strategy of all the time. Only thing is you should use a competitor analysis tool. The process is very simple:

  • Search your target keyword in Google
  • Google will list out the top-ranked websites for that keyword
  • Note the URL’s of those websites in a spreadsheet
  • Include each URL into a backlink analysis tool and check the backlinking opportunities
  • Send an email to all those people for replicating the backlinks in your own site

#17. Expert Roundup Post

Expert roundup posts are the easiest and the fastest way to build backlinks and generate traffic to your website. The process is very simple:

  • Gather the list of influencers in your niche
  • Ask a common question to all of them
  • Consolidate their responses into a blogpost
  • Publish the blog and notify the influencers requesting them to link back to your site

#18. Original Research and Case Studies

Sharing your own opinion, insights and experience can be more valuable if you have worked in that field for a long time. But to become an authority in that field you have to produce the content with facts and statistics.

Include your original research data, test results, charts, and case studies, providing the reference. Publish something new on the topic which does not exist. People like the fresh content and link back to your site.

#19. Social Bookmarking

Submitting our link to different social bookmarking sites like the social post is considered by Google as high-quality links and adds credibility to your website. You can submit any number of links to various social bookmarking sites.

Always look for high domain authority and high PR sites for your social bookmarking. This will help you to earn good links for your website.

#20. Publish List Post Content

People like list post because it helps us to organize the information which is otherwise overwhelming. It’s easy for people to read the list post on both desktops and hand-held devices. Also, information is properly arranged, relieves your stress since it does not go on and on. Based on your target audience convert your evergreen blog post as a list to catch more attention and lead to more links.


Link building is one of the crucial factors of SEO for your websites. Follow the above useful and actionable backlink strategies for generating traffic to your site.

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