The Essential LinkedIn B2B Marketing Guide for 2019

B2B marketing has entered a whole new era with the onset of the digital revolution. ‘Digital’ has massively influenced every segment in our lives right from the way we work, learn, earn, shop and the B2B sector is no exception.

However, off late, B2B marketers are finding it a bit hard to generate leads on social media. Also, with Facebook and Twitter putting up algorithm changes recently, the organic reach of posts from brands has become a little limited on these platforms. Moreover, it is also important to pick social media wisely since not all of the channels can generate the best of business. In this whole clutter though, there’s one platform which you simply need to be on if you are a B2B marketer and that’s your good old LinkedIn.

Why is LinkedIn so essential for B2B marketers, you may ask. LinkedIn’s efficacy has made it one of the most impactful platforms for B2B marketing. According to a study from 2017, LinkedIn has over 500 million users and 106 million users log on and engage with content every month. Another study pointed out that 25% of all female Internet users and 26% of all male Internet users are LinkedIn members. LinkedIn is also the third fastest-growing social media site behind Reddit and Instagram. It is responsible for 64% of all visits from social media sites to corporate websites.

All in all, LinkedIn is a very important place to be in if you are looking at expanding your company’s online presence. LinkedIn has previously been looked at as just a job application tool. But its reach in recent times has made it clear that it can serve as a very powerful tool for your company’s online marketing presence. In fact, B2B marketers are now slowly warming up to this fact because 93% of B2B marketers now consider LinkedIn to be the most effective site for lead generation.

Considering how important LinkedIn is then, here’s a comprehensive LinkedIn B2B Marketing guide for 2019:

Look before you leap

The first thing is to see if you have the basics of your LinkedIn Company Page set up. You should then go on to prepare a strategy to ensure your marketing efforts remain focused at all times. It is often seen that users sign up to LinkedIn but have no clear idea on how they are going to use it.6 easy steps to get LinkedIn profile working for your business

Ensure your team is well informed

You have to see to it that your team knows exactly how they have to use LinkedIn. You can plan a training session if you want to see to it that everyone is on the same page with regards to LinkedIn’s B2B marketing capabilities.

Bring in focus

Like every other marketing effort, B2B marketing on LinkedIn also takes time to develop, and deliver proper ROI. Make sure you don’t lose momentum and pursue it well.

Identify whom you want to relate with

You will have to be specific about who you want to create relationships with on LinkedIn. Zero in on the industry, location, job titles of decision makers etc. You can then design your content plan accordingly to reveal how your product or service has helped businesses.

Focus on the content

Identify a proper a roadmap for every aspect of your LinkedIn marketing plan and look at exactly how, what, and when to post. Make sure you post something relevant at least once a day. You can decide on whatever frequency suits you, but once you decide on it, you have to stick to it and keep posting.

Use the correct keywords

You have to deploy the right keywords relating to your business using the ‘specialities’ section of your LinkedIn Company Page so it appears in related search results. You can also use LinkedIn’s powerful search facilities to hunt for potential buyers and identify what their needs are to help target your LinkedIn advertising campaigns further.

Pay attention to smaller details

Grab attention with catchy headlines that make a clear offer of value. Educate and inform your audience before making any sales move. Ensure you include an image since images generate 20% more clicks. Your call to action needs to be clearly written in plain language and must feature keywords targeted at your specific audience. You can create a specific landing page for the text ad that shows the correct branding, messaging and offerings.

Give time for proper testing

Posting great content and deploying a targeting strategy is only half the battle. The rest is about testing your LinkedIn marketing and advertising campaigns to see to it that they have the best possible chance of meeting the objectives.

In short, LinkedIn is proving to be a tried and tested platform for digital marketing and recruitment strategy efforts. It is fast becoming a very important tool for digital marketing with its growing scope and dynamism. It provides various resources for users beyond direct FAQs and datasheets that are designed to assist B2B marketers in broader digital marketing endeavors.

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