5 Ways in which Keyword Research can help you

A very important step in any marketing campaign is keyword research. It gives a peek into what your audience thinks is important. When you do keyword research, you get an insight into what strategies are working for your competition so that you can adopt them, work on them and then gain an edge. The difference between a website that gets a lot of organic searches and one that gets none is in the keywords that are used.

Keyword research is important because target keywords can be extremely competitive. Competitive keyword analysis is an extremely effective way to compete in a cluttered space and gain a decisive advantage over other businesses in your industry. It helps you understand how many web pages you need to beat to achieve a top spot in search engine rankings. Through a proper keyword research, you can keep your audience engaged, expect increased conversion and prioritise your time properly.

Let’s take a look at how keywords research can actually help you in your messaging

  1. It tells you how you fare against your competitors

The basic idea of keyword research is to get a wider view of what you are up against and what kind of opportunities you have. It tells you exactly how you can rank higher by spending less and yet earn the highest ROI. Keyword research helps you understand this by showing you where you exactly stand in relation to your competitors.10 Ways to Improve SEO Rankings

  1. It identifies high search volume keywords

Keywords research is good way to narrow in on keywords that have a high search volume and that haven’t yet been targeted by other SEOs in your space. If you can hunt for these ‘hidden gems’ that lead to considerable search volume, but less competition, your search traffic will grow in leaps and bounds. There are various methods you can use to uncover such keywords that haven’t yet been targeted by hundreds or thousands of your competitors.

  1. It provides keywords that yield high ROI

Keywords research can lead you to keywords that are giving your competitors the highest ROI. Through a proper analysis, you can stumble upon this treasure trove of high ROI keywords that are working for many others in your segment. You can then target these high competition keywords and win.

  1. It gives backlinks that you can use if relevant

Keywords and backlinks often work best when both are used together. By looking at your competitor’s pages, you can see what they are doing for the keywords that you are also targeting. You can see what backlinks they are getting for their content. You can then see which of these backlinks are relevant to you and understand the tactics they are using for pages that are driving search traffic.

  1. It shows domains that competitors are publishing on

Keyword research is also important to understand what domains competitors are publishing on. Studies have showed that internet search users are twice as likely to click on a domain name that includes at least one of the keywords in their search query in comparison to a domain name that does not include any of the keywords in their search. You can then choose the domains that are relevant to you.

So, you now know that you need not spend time just guessing what your audience wants and what strategies your competitors are adapting in the market. You can conduct a keyword analysis and use your findings to help shape up your own campaign. It may take a bit of commitment and practice to make the most of the process. But it will lead you to save a lot of time if you pick the right keywords.

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