Some Simple Ideas to retain your Customers

Every company spends a lot of money to acquire new customers, so investing a bit more to keep them is well worth the price. It\’s widely acknowledged that the cost of acquiring a new customer can be upwards of five times greater than the cost of retaining an existing one. That means marketing tactics aimed at customer retention should be a priority. Here we talk about ideas to retain your customers. 
One smart, effective, and efficient customer retention tactic is an integrated e-mail communications program. There are many opportunities to communicate with customers via e-mail, and e-mail fits well into the communications methods engineers and other technical professionals prefer.
To make e-mail work as a customer retention tool, you need to :
1) Get out of the promotional mindset and get into your customer\’s mindset. Whether they are a loyal, long-term customer or have just purchased from you for the first time, your customers want to hear from you when you have something to say that\’s relevant to them. They don\’t want to be sold to again and again. They want useful information to help them do their jobs better. This will keep your company \”top of mind\” with them.
2) Coordinate efforts among different departments who will use e-mail to communicate with customers. This is where the integrated part comes in. Anyone who might be sending a customer an e-mail — customer service, marketing, accounts receivable, sales — must be on the same page. Their communication efforts should be coordinated and spaced apart so that the e-mails customers receive from you are relevant and timely. There\’s nothing like a barrage of similar or contradictory e-mails to turn an e-mail retention program into a mess of communications that backfires and turns your customers away.
3)The key to using e-mail for customer retention is to think in terms of having conversations with your customers. Stay away from the hard selling and limited-time offers and try cultivating your relationship by providing relevant information.
Here are some examples of relevant information: Why do you need to control your sales urge in winning new business?
  • A simple thank you e-mail for purchasing a product with links to support information or other products that are related to the one they purchased
  • An e-mail with phone numbers, e-mail addresses, or links for support
  • E-mails containing technical articles or links to articles about their industry or job functions
  • E-mails announcing new versions of products they own
  • E-mails containing customer satisfaction surveys
  • An e-mail from the salesperson just \”checking in\” to see if the customer has any questions or needs additional help
While none of these examples are promotional in nature, several of them still perform important cross-selling and up-selling functions. E-mails on new product announcements or related products can lead to additional sales for your company.  There can be many more ideas to retain your customers , what do you think? 

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