6 point \’start-up checklist\’ before you launch into Lead Generation Programs

A lot of my customers ask me, “What would you need from our side before you launch into Lead Generation Programs for us”. I thought this info would be useful to a larger audience, so decided to post it as a blog. Well here it is:

  • Company Brand and Messaging
    1. Be clear about what the ‘high level messaging’ of the company is going to be. Have your boiler plates/company overview slides ready in word/powerpoint
    2. Be ready with ‘elevator pitches’ and customize them, based on the audience that you are trying to reach
    3. Have ‘calling scripts’ done and rehearsed. If you are engaging in telemarketing, you are going to get no longer than 10 seconds to make a first impression. As you progress, you may or may not refer to these, but it is useful to internalize them amongst your teams.
  • Company Offerings in terms of products/services offered
    1. Have offering documents ready for what you offer in terms of products/services. These could be in the form of PDF brochures/PowerPoint presentations
    2. Make sure to incorporate “How do you do it” sections, which will give confidence to your prospective customers that you are all ready to work for their requirement.
    3. Be ready with your ‘engagement models’ and ‘commercial models’. You may not expose them during the first interactions, but will need them pretty soon. If you do not have them ready, this will waste precious time of a warm prospect.
  • Set achievable targets from the program
    1. So that you can measure progress, analyse results.
    2. Monitor initial results and initial discussions to validate your hypothesis about the target market.
  • Have a clear plan for lead nurturing
    1. A lot of leads will move into lead nurturing programs that you will need to run for extended periods of time. Have a plan ready to continuously engage with these potential prospects that are not yet ready to do business with you.
  • Create a target prospect list and engage in primary/secondary research
    1. Cold ‘Cold calling’ will hardly achieve any results. You need to be relevant for the person/company that you are calling. Find out ‘why’ and’ how’ your products / services can be relevant for them
    2. Focus on business value to the prospective customer, not just on parameters like cost & quality.

All the very best, as you launch into Lead Generation Programs How to design and write case studies to help you win new business
Any more thoughts – feedback welcome

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