Sales funnel problems ! Rejuvenate your business with focused lead nurturing programs

Marketers world-wide spend a lot of time thinking of innovative means to create/capture new leads for their business. In most cases, they are blind-folded by their sales targets and focus only on those leads that have the potential to offer immediate business opportunities and ignore the rest.

As a result of this, businesses are under continuous pressure to create new business leads, while the ones that have been created and that could have future potential are ignored. This is a classical problem faced by many. Companies build subscriber bases, opt-in marketing lists, but don\’t do enough to continuously and meaningfully engage with this subscriber base.

Focused lead nurturing programs offer an easy solution to create new business leads. While your sales team works on closing potential hot leads, the marketing organization or an outsourced marketing partner can focus on creating and capturing new leads and nurturing existing leads to levels, where they are ready to do business with you. This needs sustained and focused marketing efforts through a variety of customer engaging channels.  Some of the channels that are commonly used to manage this connect with your subscriber base are :
– Electronic direct mailing campaigns
– Opt-in Newsletters
– Announcements/ PR about articles/white papers being available etc.
– Generic tools/metrics/free downloads that are relevant for the customers

While you are not actively engaged with all your leads, as a business, you should make sure that when these companies/contacts are ready to do business with you, they have reasons and options to engage with you. As a business, you continuously have to create new business leads or nurture existing ones.  Ways to generate leads using SEO

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  1. A commonly vexing issue in lead nurturinmg is:
    a)How much expense (in isolation or in terms of percentage of TO) should go into lead generation activity?
    b)In case of engineering organisations where the lead generation to order execution could involve a one year to 3 years gestation time , how does one enumerate the return on investment from a lead generation to finalisation A/
    c)For small organisations , where the objective is to dig a well and drink (in terms of resource , inventory , manpower related issues) , how does one reduce the lead generation to conversion time?

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