4 point essential marketing kit for small to medium software product companies

You have a great product idea and you have the best of technical resources to build your product, but what would be the 4 things (in marketing) that you can’t miss out on, while planning your marketing strategy?. Here is a 4 point essential marketing kit.

Here are my thoughts:

  1. Get closer to your target market – Define your target market precisely, as narrowly as possible. You will be always tempted to keep expanding the target base, but the more precise it is, it will be easier to focus better with better messaging
  2. Understand socializing habits of your target market – With social media & digital marketing offering so many options to you, you need to figure out, where your target market goes-TO for credible information, reference information. Which are the trusted sources of information related to your product/service?
  3. Get social in these forums/groups – Get involved in discussions, post updates, announcements that are relevant to the group. Build your own credibility in the group with authentic/ trusted information. Over a period of time, this loyalty will get transported to your sites/blogs/announcements/subscription lists
  4. Engage with your current and potential customers – Engage with surveys, contests, mailing campaigns, announcements, article posts, and blogs. Make sure that your message is valuable for your target audience. Deeper engagement will also allow you to get candid product feedback. Any more must-haves – what do you think?
    Feedback/comments most welcome

I guess this 4 point essential marketing kit applies to all types of businesses. Wouldn’t you agree? You might also want to read Why do you need to control your sales urge in winning new business?

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