Our Core Values that Set Us on the Journey to Success

In 1943, when Johnson & Johnson’s CEO put its founding values to paper (popularly referred to as the Credo), corporate value statements were a novelty. Eight decades later, it’s common for most companies to define their core values. In fact, a study by the MIT Sloan School of Management found that more than 80% companies have published an official set of corporate values on their website.

That’s how important company core values are. They are the bedrock of the company’s existence. Core values support a company’s vision and culture while ensuring that business decisions are aligned. But the question remains how many companies are actually successful in ensuring that their teams share and live by these values? At Xenia, we understand that our values are the essence of our identity, beliefs and philosophy. In this blog, we bring to you a lowdown on the 6 core values of Xenia and how we Walk the Talk when it comes to their role in our client relationships.


One of the most important values we hold dear is being accountable for our actions, products, decisions, and policies. In terms of our relationships with our clients, strong accountability is a key ingredient for our success. Our teams take full responsibility and are always the ‘last person’ standing for our clients. They take initiative and recognize that they have the power to cause problems, and also power to fix them.

We always demonstrate accountability in the way we execute campaigns by living upto all that we have committed. While our clients support us in every way possible, we ensure that campaigns are led to fruition in any situation. Responding to clients on time, sending out reports if committed without the client asking for them and coordinating within teams to ensure we offer only the best to our clients is our way of showing our sincere efforts.


Transparency is a critical part of every company’s overall success, making it more than just a buzzword. It implies openness, communication and complete honesty with clients that helps in increasing customer satisfaction and retention levels. At Xenia, transparency and communication are placed very high on the agenda of our core values. Transparency increases our credibility and efficiency as we are better able to focus on our strengths rather than limitations

Allow us to explain how we stick to being transparent to our clients. We always believe in creating targets and plans for social media campaigns that we share with our clients. While most work, there are instances when some plans may need alterations in the middle of the month because they are not yielding the desired results. In cases like these, we reach out to clients and ensure that we inform them that the plans have been modified. The transparency in the entire process has ensured that our clients trust our decisions and support us to execute them.


In today’s digital world, integrity is vital in earning and maintaining client trust. At Xenia, impeccable Integrity is one of our non-negotiable values. Integrity reminds our teams to strive for honesty and trustworthiness in all our interactions with our clients. We maintain our integrity by delivering the highest standards of professional and ethical practices.

As a 360-degree digital marketing agency, we work with clients from varied fields. We always take utmost care when it comes to maintaining the confidentiality of all our clients’ information. While it is possible that often times databases can be similar for some clients from the same industry, we ensure that we never share databases for the two. Our focus is always to act in the best interest of all clients. 


Ownership is not just a way of doing things, it is a way of thinking and behaving. Specifically, as strategic partners, it’s how we operate for our clients. We understand that higher ownership always comes with a higher advantage in terms of individual progress and the development of a high-value work environment.

Our teams always take complete ownership of the client deliverables, tasks and milestones and ensure timely execution. The commitment to taking up ownership shows from the fact that all our teams are well aware of our capabilities as well as shortcomings. There have been instances when issues like budget constraints have threatened to derail the progress of a project. However, for us, complete ownership means working within available resources to deliver the best of results. In fact, our clients trust us the most because they know we will stick to deadlines while combating the worst of adversities.


We believe responsibility drives business results. Responsible workers are more engaged and hold themselves accountable to deliver results. Our teams practice responsibility every day by taking accountability for the consequences of their choices – good or bad. In fact, at Xenia, we celebrate responsibility by always going the extra mile and aiming to provide best results to our clients. While there are multiple people involved in campaigns and each is responsible in their own way, the person in charge ensures that the entire campaign is delivered till the end. There are no blame games or finger pointing. We believe, despite everything that comes on the way, clients should always be given what they are promised and within the time they are promised.


The ability to get things done right and on time often helps ultimately attract new clients, retain the right employees, and create a reputation. Our team knows that discipline is about choosing actively to tackle that deadline and making the right choices, in the timeline available.

We follow discipline without procrastinating and ensure our projects stay on track. That way, we can manage timely execution and improved outcomes for our clients. We stay true to our motto of ‘Plan what you can commit, commit to what you have planned’! To help us achieve our goals in a disciplined manner, we use robust Project Management Systems that deliver amazing results.

Our core values represent our company’s heart. We believe our customer-focused core values are fundamental to our business. They help us create a purpose, improve team cohesion, and develop a sense of commitment in our workplace.

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