How can you use Re-marketing to Drive Lead Generation and Conversions

In my discussions, I often face the question, what is the role of Re-marketing to drive lead generation and conversions. I was browsing through the internet during the weekend and i found some interesting post made on one of the FB groups. I found it very relevant and easy to understand, so reproducing it here.

Let us start with what we mean by Re-marketing

In simple terms Re-marketing is a means to re-engage with a person, who has visited your website, checking out a few pages,  but has not taken any decisive action in terms of a form submit or an inquiry. So the thought process is that he has seen something that he likes, but that is not enough yet for him to make a decision in favor of your business.

Logically speaking, if you have done enough to attract him to your website, why would you like to let go of such a person now. Obviously the person had a requirement, which prompted him to come to your website in the first place. He may have been driven to your website through SEO, your organic social posts or any of the paid advertising that you resort to. Now how do you make sure that he comes back to your website and does the transaction that you are expecting him to do?  Re-marketing seems to provide the answers.

Re-marketing in real world

One day I was traveling by train?. A child cried for a toy on seeing a vendor selling toys. The mom refused to buy the toy as she felt that the price quoted by the vendor was on the higher side. After a few minutes, the vendor came back again and showed the toy to the kid and tried to convince the mom to buy. She once again refused to buy. Before the passenger could get down the vendor came again and gave a small price reduction for the toy. The mom was convinced eventually and the kid was happy.?? and the vendor made sales.

What do you think happened amidst all this.. The first time the vendor came over, the desire to buy was already created, but the intent was not so strong and the price was a barrier. The next time he came, the desire became stronger, but the price was not at a convincing level. All this while, during his repeat visits, the vendor was re-marketing to the child, whose desire was growing stronger and stronger. Eventually, the mother had to give way and buy the toy. The fact that the vendor gave a little bit of discount also helped as that was the only point, that was stopping the mother from purchasing the toy.

Getting back to digital world

The train here is your website. The kid here is the wish/ need of the customer and when you re-target, you have a greater chance to convert to a sale. Re-marketing is essential for every business and it will surely make your business grow. Re-market with discounts or vouchers too have good conversions.Re-marketing can help you nurture prospects to customers

A lot of organizations use Re-marketing to drive lead generation and conversions. Once a person has left your website, when you flash him ads to get him back to your website, it acts as a reminder to this person, that he has left a transaction incomplete. Also, since he sees your brand a few times on other channels, he feels a little more comfortable completing the intended transaction at your website. In the digital marketing world, re-marketing is offered today by Google, Facebook as well as LinkedIn. So if people have visited your website and left, you can serve them ads in their Facebook page, LinkedIn page as well as all the Google adsense sites that they happen to visit.


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