5 Ideas to Top-up and Generate Marketing Leads Funnel

Marketing and Sales is always a funnel game. If you have good amount of prospects in your top of the funnel, then there is a good chance, then a good part of these will drip down the funnel to enable you to generate Marketing Leads that are qualified and ready to do business with you.  As a marketer, it is important that you keep this in mind and focus on both top of the funnel and middle of the funnel activities.

In this post we talk about 5 ideas to Top-up and Generate Marketing Leads Funnel

As all of us know, revenues that an organization generates is a result of the opportunities. The leads that you chase eventually convert to opportunities. Leads come in from aware and excited prospects, who are now ready to engage with you to explore synergies. The top of the funnel is the stage, where you are planting yourself amongst your target market and making them aware about how they could potentially benefit by using your products or services. Let us talk through some ideas to generate top of the funnel traffic

1) SEO

Organic search traffic is one of the biggest source of traffic to your website. It is important to rank for keywords that are relevant for your business. Based on these rankings, the search engine will send a significant amount of relevant traffic to your website. SEO takes time and is one of the reasons, companies tend to ignore it. But having worked on building SEO, it is relatively easier to retain these positions and build on them. You should definitely miss the opportunity to generate Marketing Leads through the SEO channel.

2) Social Media

All the people you know personally and professionally are connected to you on social media. Very often, most people are not aware of the other\’s business or products. Regular posts on social media help ensure that there is awareness among your contacts. Apart from contacts who are directly connected, the viral nature of the social media allows your posts to reach a lot more people and help in spreading the word.

3) Email marketing

If you can build a list of your potential prospects, and engage with them through email, then that also helps to Top-up and Generate Marketing Leads Funnel. You need to do pure play sales mailers. You can also run newsletters or some generic content that will be useful to your target audience. These emails help in a way to stay in front of the target audience on a regular basis and ensure top of mind recall.

4) Paid Ads on Facebook

Facebook offers some amazing targeting opportunities and a wide variety of advertising options as well. It is a lot easier and economical to reach your potential target audience on FB using FB ads. Whatever be your purpose, to generate leads to to build traffic and engagement, Facebook offers several options to help you achieve that.

5) Lead capture pop-up forms

With a lot of mechanisms, you are generating traffic to your website. Once they come to your website, how can you make sure that you can capture their data. If you have resources available on your website, which you can offer as gated content, then it is possible to offer these through gated capture pop-up forms that will help you increase conversions at your website

6) Chat box at website

People who visit your website may not have the patience to write emails or search for contact information on the website. If they have a chat window, where they can interact instantly with a person, it makes them a lot more comfortable. You can intelligently manage your chat sessions to capture the information about the visitor upfront and then get into a chat mode with them. You have the option to have an online chat, that is connected to relevant people\’s mobile app or have an offline chat, which just captures a few details and you can re-establish contact using the information that you have captured.


We hope these strategies will help you Top-up and Generate Marketing Leads Funnel that is robust. Of course, once you have top of the funnel taken care of, you need to plan several middle of the funnel strategies to engage and convert these guys. That is a topic for another post.

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