We\’re Celebrating Our 10th Anniversary !

It\’s our Tenth anniversary. It\’s a quiet celebration this time though, because of the covid-19 circumstances all around. It has been an eventful 10 years. It’s always nice to celebrate milestones and also set some targets for the next few years as well. I have mixed thoughts when I start looking back and reflect on the day when I actually started operations back in May 2010.

We set out to become a trusted partner for the clients that we work with. And today, as we work with several clients and a lot of these clients, we have been working for several years together. I think we have achieved much of that objective that we had actually set ourselves for. We have kept on improving over the last few years. And it\’s thanks to a wonderful team that has really challenged the status quo. They have kept on delivering and innovating and trying to find new ways to deliver results for our clients

Over the years, I would say we have delivered awesome results for clients. We\’ve delivered significant growth and helped several of them achieve significant milestones in terms of revenues. I really feel proud of being able to do that for our clients. I would really take this opportunity to thank our clients for the trust and continued patronage of our services.

While we\’re doing everything we can to service them and help them, there may have been instances where they would have felt a little less confident, but thanks for keeping the trust in us and continuing to work with us. Thank you!

At this moment, I also want to talk about our incredible team. And when I say our incredible team, it is all the present employees, as well as several of the wonderful past employees who have actually worked with us.

There have been several of you guys who actually worked with us and delivered immense value to what we\’re doing as an organization, as well as, to the clients that you served.

Most of the teams have taken significant initiative and ownership of targets. I sincerely thank our existing teams as well as our past employees.

Lastly, I would want to talk about some of the core values that we have always lived with, at Xenia. These values are ingrained in each of our team members and I thank all of you for abiding by these guiding principles for Xenia .

There are five major principles that we live by. The first among them is accountability, which means basically, we are answerable to our clients, irrespective of what happens.

We have always ensured transparency, in terms of operations. We are very transparent with what is working and what is not working.

The third principle is integrity. We might be working with multiple clients who are in the same space or similar spaces, but we can always work to make sure that our client’s interests are safeguarded.

We take responsibility. We take responsibility for our actions and are committed to our clients.

The fifth virtue is ownership. By ownership, We mean owning the targets and objectives. It is very easy to pass the buck and play a blame game. But we are very different, we are more like a startup. We make sure that anyone who is actually responsible, he takes the last mile ownership.

These five values have been pretty key in our operations all through these years. I hope they will continue to work as guiding beacons for us in the future.

I really thank all my customers once again, all my employees and all our well-wishers. Thank you for being a part of this wonderful journey for the last 10 years. And here is looking forward to the next 10 years. Thank you and cheers!

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