Ensuring Business Continuity Amid the Covid-19 Outbreak

We are clearly in a period that most have never seen before. The coronavirus outbreak is first and foremost a human tragedy, affecting hundreds of thousands of people around the globe. This time of unprecedented uncertainty, all of us are concerned about the safety and well-being of our families, colleagues, customers, partners, and friends.

On the other side, the pandemic has presented fresh challenges for the country’s economy, causing a severely disruptive impact on both demand and supply-side elements, which has the potential to derail the growth story.

With Coronavirus spreading at an alarming rate, most of the companies have activated their Business Continuity Plan and implemented it as a measure to mitigate the impact. Working remotely and working from home is more commonplace now than ever before.

At Xenia, we understand the role we play for our customers and are committed to them.Looking at the outbreak severity, we activated our BCP and undertook the following measures for all our employees:

Work from Home – All the employees were equipped with laptops and connected devices and were asked to be active on all these tools (Flock, Zoom, XMind, Trello, Dropbox, WhatsApp, Uber Conference, and Box) for better connectivity and effective workflow and collaboration.

Regular Meetings – Daily team meetings were set up involving all concerned to have more transparency about the work pending on customer accounts for the day. These 30-45 mins are helping a lot to ensure that everyone is on track with deliverables due.

Increased Client Communication  – We are in constant touch with our clients to keep them informed about updates related to their projects. While some clients may be experiencing some temporary delays, we are committed to streamline operations and be there for our customers in this time of crisis. We sincerely appreciate the trust and confidence clients have shown and we thank them for their continued trust and support.

All these measures are helping us to perform better and continue to support our business operations effectively. We continue to support and protect our employees in these difficult times and prevent any disruption to our business operations or client service.

As a Digital Marketing Firm, we are suggesting our business partners and potential clients to use this time positively to introspect on the digital aspect of their business.

Listing some of the business activities, they can focus on to improve their business:

Increase LinkedIn connections – Start connecting with the right people on LinkedIn and enhance business visibility.

Website Revamp – We strongly feel that this is the time to time for a deep introspection of your business & since your website is the most important resource – make it more useful to reach out to the audience

Social Presence – We can work on social branding to improve reach and visibility

Search Engine Optimization – Have a focused approach to reach on the top of search engines

We are here to support you in this time of need. Reach us if you have any questions. Stay Safe, Stay Positive, and we will get through this, together.

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