All You Need To Know Before Advertising on Quora for B2B

Quora is more than just another social or search platform. It\’s a cross between a question-and-answer platform and an online community. Anyone who has spent any time on a particular, preferred platform will tell you that community is a key motivator.

People use Quora for asking specific questions, find answers, conduct research, get help, and evaluate products. If inbound marketing is all about providing value-based content (which it is), for more searches to know about things, then the entire platform of Quora is built around value. All Quora communities can help you to broaden your reach and provide more information to potential customers.  It can also be used for research purposes.

Why does B2B Business want to Advertise on Quora?

Quora has a diverse user base, ranging from students to highly credentialed professionals.

Quora is particularly well-suited for B2B advertising due to some factors. The B2B purchasing journey is almost always a deliberative process that relies heavily on research, and Quora ads is a platform specifically built around research to promote your product. Even if you can target the right buyer profiles on sites like LinkedIn or Twitter, you cannot be certain.

What these people have in common is a desire to find relevant, trustworthy information and answers to their questions, whether they want to learn new things about hobbies and interests or are researching business ideas and products. Quora users produce more well-thought-out, well-researched content. Journalists use Quora content to develop their articles (an interesting connection if you\’re trying to gain media attention for your brand). Students use the platform as a starting point for their research. The platform is used by parents to find the best products for their children.

There are drawbacks, as with any user-generated website. Because every category is on the table, you will encounter discussions that veer into politics, religion, B2B Business, and other topics that you may want to avoid when promoting a business. You will, however, find specific topics to follow in areas of interest to your business.

B2B buyers are increasingly turning to social media and user-generated content to research before making large purchases. The reason for this is that industry publications are rife with advertisements, making it difficult to distinguish between a genuine review and one paid for by a vendor. As a result, social or user-generated content platforms such as Quora, G2Crowd, and Capterra are becoming increasingly popular as sources for software and other B2B products.

This presents Quora ads as a new playground for B2B marketers, and Quora was founded in 2009, has established itself as a viable platform for going beyond surface-level information and trading in substantive analysis and discussion from actual thought leaders.

Quora has over 300 million monthly active users. According to Quora analytics, 60% are male, and 40% are female. They are discussing over 400,000 different question and topics and 60% of advertisers on Quora they are B2B Business.

Quora Ads was launched in 2016. Since B2B Businesses are Advertising on Quora, it has been enabling businesses to target and connect with Quora users in order to deliver relevant ad content. Using Quora Ads effectively can put your marketing content in front of buyers at the exact time and context when they are looking for information to guide their B2B purchases and Businesses.

What are the benefits of Quora for B2B Advertising?

The most significant advantage of using Quora is you can generate leads for social media marketing. Quora allows you to connect with a highly targeted and high-intent audience by providing value.

Quora provides some enticing benefits for B2B marketing that you won\’t find on other platforms. While LinkedIn is an excellent platform for B2B leads, focusing on networking and straight sales can overshadow the thought leadership opportunities. Everyone on LinkedIn is looking to make a professional connection.

You can use Quora to leverage your expertise in a useful way to searchers and aids in the rapid development of your brand and reputation as a thought leader.

You can use Quora to conduct your research in addition to finding your target audience. To generate content marketing ideas, research industry trends, what your competitors are doing, and popular questions. You can also use the platform to solicit direct feedback from your target audience to help you target and develop new offerings.

Another benefit of advertising on Quora is that the knowledge you share will continue to pay off. Unlike other high-turnover platforms, where your content is lost in the churn, Quora is designed to be evergreen, with your brand appearing in search engine results for years rather than just weeks.

What things should we know before Advertising on Quora for B2B?

1. which Types of Campaigns can I Run?

If you are going to launch any ads campaign on Quora ads, you will have to select one of four campaign objectives:

    • App Installation -:

      This campaign gets users to download and install your app on their devices.

    • Brand Awareness -:

      This option helps you to measure brand awareness and engagement metrics.

    • Conversions -:

      Set your Goal to convert and install the Quora Pixel to your site if you want to see how your Quora campaigns are performing in terms of visitors to your site. This will automatically track the number of clicks and follow-ups that can be attributed to your campaign.

    • Traffic -:

      This Goal generates traffic to increase visits no your website. If your business is in starting stage and you want to increase traffic, then this would be the best option.

Once you have selected your Goal, then now you will have to set your budget. This will be your daily or lifetime budget. when your budget is set, then you must determine when the ads will run

2. Which types of Ads I Run on Quora?

Quora Ads allows inline image and text-based advertisements like you might see on Google or other widely used platforms. To avoid disrupting the tone and feel of the question-and-answer format, Quora restricts the grammatical content and layout of text ads.

The unique thing is you can promote your answer on Quora ads, and It increases the exposure and reach of answers you\’ve provided as a Quora user in response to other users\’ inquiries. Using promoted responses can help you develop credibility as an expert and thought leader on the site by increasing your signal. As a result, your brand and products may become more well-known organically.

3. How to target audience while Advertising on Quora

Let\’s dig a little deeper for some practical advice on how to find your Quora audience. The platform is user-friendly and intuitive, although it helps with some instruction, as with any new platform.

You might begin by looking for keywords that are related to your field of expertise and industry. You can rapidly assess the size of the audience by looking through the questions and responses. You can also get a decent sense of industry thought leaders and high-intent leads.

Another fantastic feature of Quora is the opportunity to conduct competitor research. Both the brand and the team member\’s names can be used to find information. Check to see if they have any thought leaders on the platform and see how they use Quora. Is there no competition? That\’s fantastic. It means you may be the first in your business to use the platform, making it easier to establish yourself as a thought leader in your field.

You can also match your email contacts to discover who uses Quora if you create a business/ads account. You can also include the Quora Pixel on your website to see which visitors use the service.

Targeting options -:

Quora provides a varied range of options for targeting your ads:

    • Audience -:

      To limit down your audience, you can utilize a variety of variables. Visitors to your website, people on your email list, or specific sorts of users may fall into this category.

    • Browser-specific -:

      ads will appear only on certain platforms, devices, or browsers (for example, an app install the campaign will automatically be targeted to display only on mobile devices).

    • Broad targeting -:

      The ad will show across Quora to a wide audience.

    • Interest -:

      Users who have previously interacted with pages linked to a given topic are shown advertisements.

    • Keyword -:

      ads appear on question pages containing the specified keywords.

    • Keyword History -:

      ads will be shown to users who have previously searched for certain keywords.

    • Topic -:

      ads show on category pages for existing Quora topics.


You can also define other locations, devices, browsers, and demographic characteristics, such as gender, in addition to the above targeting options. Advertisements can also be included in Quora Daily Digest emails.

You might be losing out on an opportunity if you haven\’t included Quora as part of your B2B marketing plan. Especially if, like more than half of all marketers, you want to establish your brand as a thinking leader.

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