Top 12 Posts Of 2021 To Take The Lead In Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Each passing year highlights the changes that occur in the course of technological advancement and strategy changes. Some trends set a precedent and trigger major changes while some remain as popular marketing gimmicks that just create a buzz for a while. We have been carefully creating blogs that address the subjects of digital marketing to help businesses stay ahead in the competitive digital landscape.

As 2021 comes to an end. Here are the top 12 blogs that are highly relevant, and can help your business outshine the rest and grow in this age of constant marketing changes.

1. Value of Storytelling in Marketing

Storytelling is popular not just in marketing, but in web design and learning design too. The value added by breaking down complex inputs, into understandable bits that make a whole story is truly intriguing. Storytelling in marketing not only helps in solving problems but also connects better with the customers.

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2. Manual vs. Automated Bidding Strategies in Google Ads

How much do you spend on Google Ads? Is it the right amount, or does it burn a hole in your budget? For all you know, you might be just need to adjust the Google Ads bidding strategies. A minor change that could go a long way. The post covers in detail will how to take the ad costs down and optimize the ad spending.

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3. Best Email Marketing Subject lines to Increase Your Open Rate

Gone are the days when a mere catchphrase would do wonders and increase the open rate. With changing market trends, the whole approach to creating writing email marketing subject lines has changed. Keen to know more? This blog is just what you need.

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4. The Top 20 Social Media Metrics and KPIs to Track

So, does the social media strategy work? How often have you asked this question? How do you ensure that your social media efforts have the right impact on your target market? The blog runs you through the differences between social media KPIs and metrics and how they can help in tracking performance and progress.

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5. Benefits of Hashtags: The Complete Guide

Who hasn’t heard of a hashtag right? But what does it exactly do? Is it just something to add at the end of an Instagram or Twitter post? What purpose does it serve? Read the complete guide and get answers to such queries and more.

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6. Top 20 Tips to Improve Your Instagram Marketing Strategy

Instagram is the most popular app on Metaverse. The photo-sharing app has now grown into so much more and has also become a popular marketing tool. Looking for strategies to improve your marketing strategy? This blog has just the answers you are looking for.

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7. 2 LinkedIn Alternatives That Every B2B Business Should Know About

Business-to-business is soon becoming the next big thing. Direct business collaborations often kick off through professional networking sites like LinkedIn. However, that isn’t the only place. Check out this post about the 2 LinkedIn alternatives that businesses should know about.

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8. What are the Benefits of Schema Markup in B2B ?

Have a website but it hasn’t ranked up on Google? Increasing the visibility of the website is important to increase the digital presence and hence reach out to more people. Schema Markup is something you need to know about to understand how to get there. Read the post to learn more.

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9. Website Performance Audit: 10 Reasons Why B2B Companies Need To Do This

Having a website alone doesn’t often suffice. Various backend checks ensure the efficiency and quality needed for search engine optimization. Website Performance audit is one such technique, used to understand the flow of paid and unpaid traffic. Here are 10 reasons why such an audit is important for B2B Companies.

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10. Why Is It Necessary to Have a Social Media Content Calendar

Social Media Marketing is a planned activity. What makes it work is usually the periodicity and quality of content. However, it isn’t always easy to keep track of multiple schedules, and overlapping campaigns. This is why having a social media calendar becomes important. The blog touches upon this in detail.

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11. Local Business SEO: Tactics to Improve Your Ranking

With everything online, it’s a tough task to be seen. While highly unique ones always stand out, many local businesses with similar offerings need to play with SEO to improve the ranking. The blog talks about a few such tactics used for local business SEO.

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12. How Positive Relations with Your Email Subscribers Can Affect B2B?

The email list is usually a gold mine of opportunities. However, subscribers have to be constantly engaged to keep the connection alive. The post shared some interesting insights on how positive relations with your email subscribers can affect b2b.

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Hope you find the posts interesting. Looking forward to a new year with more exciting trends, strategies and tools.

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