How to Build a High Performance Lead Generation Website?

Does a good website make a difference in sales or is it the product that does the talking? Well, it’s a combination of both that works in most cases. Take Apple for instance, the brand is so big that it hardly needs introduction, but that doesn’t mean that it can go easy on the website and digital marketing side as those aspects are responsible for a major chunk of the business too.

But, is it just another website or is it built to support the business, the brand name? Moat successful businesses invest in a high performance lead generation website to drive the traffic towards the product pages and does it work? Well, the market speaks for itself. So,

How do organizations build a high performance Lead generation website?

The Audience Holds the Key

Researching the consumers, the target audience is the key when it comes to website performance. This brings clarity about the content, the language, use of images/animations/videos, and the navigation styles too. Invest in content that is emotionally relate-able and can persuade the consumers to think about the product and eventually buy it.

Create a Visual Story

The audience may not always have the time to read through large chunks of information, images and short video clips on the other hand can send the message across precisely and leave a lasting impact too. Try to impress the users visually, give them a story that talks them deeper into the website and hence increases the engagement.

Food for Thought

Showing everything upfront may not always be the best approach. Leaving the audience with a little to think about, ponder creates higher chances for revisits as well as eventual sales. It could be inspirational, or questioning, or thought provoking enough for the audience to search more, or come back for more later.

Testimonials Speak

At times it is your clients or customers that can influence a consumer. For those looking for credibility and success stories, nothing works as much as Testimonials. And unlike other things, the more the better.


The key to all high performance is the content itself. The kind of words used, SEO etc., make a huge difference. In some cases, use of powerful action verbs can invoke feelings and point towards the benefits, a reaction in contrast to when simple words are used to plainly state the whole set of features.

Don’t Pick the Easiest Way Out

So, use a template for website design? What about customizations? None? That’s not how high performance lead generation website works. Invest in a good website and tailor it to generate leads, that’s the only way it would work after all. Focus on user experience and how easy it is for them to navigate the website. While planning content, pay some special attention to keywords.

Build Credibility

Can you be trusted? Can the website be trusted, what about the data? The answer lies in credibility. That comes through customer reviews, reviews and recommendations from industry leaders, showcasing the awards, listing the industrial standards followed and most importantly, presenting the number of existing clients/customers. While the process may take time, it can bring in good and long term results.

Another common aspect about most high performance lead generation websites is that it focuses on creating experiences rather than selling. This ensures that the customers keep coming back and then eventually the sale just happens. And like any sales and marketing tactic, communication plays a crucial role here.

In the end it all boils down to understanding the users/customers and building an experience that they can hold on to. After all it’s the customers who determine the website performance.

Have you invested on a lead generating website? Have the results been satisfactory? What would your recommendations be? Do share your thoughts.

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