6 \”Marketing must-haves\” for your website

Organizations increasingly depend on their website as the single largest \’marketing infrastructure\’ tools. Here are some \”must haves\” for your website

1) Performance you might design great sites, but you need to make sure that the site load time is reasonable and is not an irritant. Also you must check compatibility with common browsers. A good usability study is always an added advantage.

2) Ease of navigation For a visitor who comes to the site for the first time, it should be easy to get to what he is looking for. Content should be optimized for minimum scrolls and should be a mix of text and intuitive graphics. Also it should be easy for the user to download or click to get more info

3) SEO readiness With SEO so relevant, you should make sure that you have your meta descriptions, page titles, image titles and key words well defined

4) Fresh content There is nothing better than having fresh content on the site . This could be in the form of blogs, white papers, articles, PR as well as videos

5) Means to engage visitors You have spend so much effort to lure visitors in. you should make sure that they stay on the site longer. There should be means to engage visitors through some innovative applications of gaming, surveys and free resources

6) A clear call to action (C2A) Every page should have a clear C2A. It could be either download, subscribe, contact us etc. If they want to reach you, lets make it easier for them. 

Any thoughts/ideas. 
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1 thought on “6 \”Marketing must-haves\” for your website”

  1. Would like to throw in my few cents

    Add RIA capabilities to the website to create a more engaging experience and also to deliver your message in a better way.

    The website should reiterate your USP in various ways, through testimonials, white papers, mission statements etc.

    Anyways, Nice post Atul

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