5 tips to boost sales for your SaaS based products

SaaS based product platforms definitely make it easier for people/companies to buy as well as use your product without worrying about updates, maintenance and all the other baggage that comes with traditional software products. How do you boost sales for your SaaS based products , Here are some tips

1) Increase reach

Register in industry directories, strive to create back-links at relevant influential sites, Introduce a blog describing business benefits of using your SaaS platform. All of this will help in getting more hits to your website

2) Offer free trials

This is the most common strategy, but cannot be done away with. You have to provide an opportunity to the prospect to evaluate for himself what he is getting into

3) Offer walk-through/demo resources on the website

Apart from the trial, offer product walkthroughs along with audio/video presentations on the website. Also offer a dynamic FAQ, that is well categorized.

4) Engage meaningfully with your prospects

Having collected several trial download registrations, it is important to engage with these potential customers meaningfully through emails, and also a phone call, if needed. Several times, a touch point helps a lot in identifying and resolving issues. Build good automation tools to manage these conversations.

5) Get a referral plan going

Allow your customers to refer other customers and give them credit for the same.

While all of this is important, make sure that if there are any support issues, they are dealt with professionally. This will go a long way in spreading the word. You might also want to read 4 point essential marketing kit for small to medium software product companies

I hope this helps, let me know any other points that you may have to boost sales for your SaaS based products.

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