Potent ammo for your demand gen campaigns

Several times, I compare the sales process with an army on a battlefront. The soldiers feel comfortable as long as they have sufficient weaponry and artillery with them. The minute the supplies begin to dry up, the confidence of teams goes down. Aren’t sales very similar?  The sales guy feels very confident, as long as he has tons of information with which he can engage his prospects and customers. How do you ensure that your sales guys have potent ammo for your demand gen campaigns.

In sales terms, this information that we are referring to is really marketing content. It can take many forms, a brochure, datasheet, case study, presentation in the simplest form to something as engaging as a white paper, article or a webinar.

Marketing\’s role is to make sure that there are enough reasons for sales/business development teams to keep engaging with your potential prospects and customers. How do you then maintain this steady stream of content flowing? How do you generate this ammo for your demand gen campaigns ? Here are some simple steps

  1. Create content in line with your target market requirements. This can be done by collating content in line with your base features and values of your product/company
  2. Manage a content dashboard and plan to make sure that you are consistently building your repo, rather than moving in different directions
  3. Re-purpose your content to populate different artifacts – if you have created content of one form, try and find out, how you can leverage this to create different content artifacts.
  4. Having generated content, use it frequently in different forms and promote it. Several companies make the mistake of using one form of content only for one specific campaign or purpose.

Is this helpful. Any other thoughts/ideas?  Your feedback is appreciated How do you create the best marketing plan

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