5 Reasons Why Companies fail in Digital Marketing


With digital marketing being a hot topic of discussion, we try and cover some of the reasons Why Companies fail in Digital Marketing and what should they do to turn this around.

1. The Sales Mindset

Companies achieve 1st level of growth with an aggressive sales approach focused on referrals. Here they get accustomed to shorter sales cycle time and faster conversions. So, most companies enter digital marketing space expecting quick results with lesser investment, but that might not happen for every customer.

2. The Engineer problem

Most technology companies are set up by engineers who have the technical understanding and quite likely understand new age media tools like SEO, Adwords, SMO etc. But they may have very little business understanding.  Most Engineer led companies concentrate too much on technicalities rather than the business side of marketing. So essentially very less time is spent in understanding the business, product, target market and customers.

3. The Short term tricks

Several times, digital marketers focus too much on short term tricks that can give some quick results, but several of these strategies may not be sustainable. So  you might see some sudden spurt in your results, but that will not last very long. What you really need is a coherent long-term marketing strategy.

4. Too much leads focus

 Yes, the focus of marketing is to generate leads, but you cannot get leads till you have built awareness and gained trust from the customer. This takes time and effort. The management team in these companies may apply undue pressure and keep the focus of the marketing teams only on lead gen activity. This can be counterproductive as you never end up generating a robust top of the funnel pipeline and your strategies are not sustainable.  Ways to generate leads using SEO

5. Too much focus on tools and platforms

 To succeed in digital marketing, companies should consistently deliver values to customers, understand their problems, anxieties and apprehensions. Digital media gives many tools to measure effectiveness of companies digital marketing goals. Like awareness can be measured with website visitors, post reach. Engagement can be measured with page on time, Bounce rate, like and shares.
While digital tools can help you extend the reach and measure results efficiently, you should not forget that traditional marketing is at the core of these initiatives. Too much focus on tools and platforms can de-focus you from your objectives.

What should a company do to succeed in Digital marketing?

Companies need to become aware that digital marketing is essentially traditional marketing with new tools. The basics of marketing remain same. Marketing still requires patience and long-term thinking. Marketing still requires an understanding of the target market, competition, creating a simple marketing message that is consistently delivered to right customers. 4 things in Digital Marketing Services to watch for

So it is good to revisit the question, Why Companies fail in Digital Marketing ?.With traditional marketing knowledge and new age digital marketing tools, companies can hope to create a Digital Marketing Strategy that delivers results.

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