15 important questions to ask before hiring a web design company

Your website is a window that provides an insight into your business to the customers and is often the first thing they look at. Since first impressions matter so much, a good website is a key to the success of your business. A mobile-friendly website that’s up-to-date can be your gateway to more leads than most other channels. Naturally then, you want to hire a good web designer to provide you with the best website. Find out more about developing a new website

Before you actually hire a website design company, here is a list of 15 critical questions that you have to ask them:

  1. What are your services?

It is important to know what all they can offer since most website design teams offer graphic design, marketing, and copywriting services. But the website designer has to be well aware of your brand so that they can offer consistency in word and image across the entire website. Also read 7 things to consider while building a lead generation friendly website

  1. Can you show us your portfolio?

In order to evaluate the design, it will help to look at some previous work samples of the design company. You can check the developed website on levels such as site navigation, how well-crafted the website is, how modern the designs are if they match the needs of your business etc.

  1. Do you also provide content services?

It’s not enough if the designer can only create the design. It’s also good for them to offer good content because, without words, the images and graphics may not carry much meaning. Keywords which are incorporated in your content will list your website even higher on Google search rankings

  1. \"\"What will be your price and what is included in that price?

Pricing, of course, depends on what the expertise of the designer is, how much experience they have and the scope of your project. You will also want to know what all they can provide in the price they are quoting.

  1. Can you design a website that fits our budget?

While the designer may quote their price, you may also have a budget that you have in mind for website design. You can check with them right at the planning stage if they can build your website within your parameters.

  1. How long will you take to deliver the project?

The turnaround time is important. Depending on your expectations and what the scale of your project is, they may take time to deliver it. But it is good for you to stay in the loop so that you both are on the same page.

  1. \"\"Will we be able to view work in progress?

Since the website is your product, it is important that you get the chance to view at least the basic graphics as it is being built. This helps you give feedback along the way, preventing any sudden, major changes at the end of the project.

  1. What if we are dissatisfied with the initial design?

It is possible that you and your team may not feel very happy about the design that is initially submitted to you. You should speak up along the way about what images and content you like, or what you don’t. This will help when the final design comes out and there is no need for an entire reconstruction.

  1. Will we be able to make updates?

Some teams allow you to make future updates and few changes from your own website management system, but not all do that. If you think there may be some potential updates in the future, it’s good to know their policy about that.

  1. Will the site be search engine friendly?

Integrating SEO into your website has to be your top priority because it allows your website to be one of the top listed sites when customers are searching for your products or services. To ensure you know whether SEO is a service offered by the website design team.

  1. Will the website be compatible with every screen?

You will need to enquire whether your website is responsive and compatible with different mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, phablets, etc.

  1. What do you need from us before the launch?

It is better that you ask them to give you a list of what all they expect from you right at the beginning. This is better to prevent delays later on as you rush to procure images, content, or passwords.

  1. Will we be the owners of the website when its done?

You will need to know the answer to that right at the beginning, along with whether or not a continued price needs to be paid to keep the site up and running.

  1. How many pages will the website contain?

Normally a website has About Us, Contact Us, FAQs, and Terms & Conditions and other pages like blogs, services, testimonials, products that will be decided according to your business type.

  1. What web standards and practices do you follow?

It is essential that a website design company follows the latest design trends and web development standards. This will help your website function well in all web browsers and operating systems.


Asking these questions right at the start before you decide to hire the website design company is a good idea so that there are no misunderstandings on either side once the work begins. You can get in touch with expert agencies that can offer you services for website designs.

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