10 Things to Consider Before You Finalize a Website Revamp Plan for 2022

You’ll undoubtedly be eager to get started if you’ve decided to revamp your website. It’s amazing to imagine a brand new website with everything in place. However, a website revamp process should never be rushed. Before you start a website revamp plan, make sure to consider a few things that will be helpful for the website improvements. Also consider reading 15 important questions to ask before hiring a web design company

In this blog, we have listed down things to consider before finalizing a website revamp plan:

1. What is the problem with the current site?

Examine current traffic, leads generated, pages indexed, content, keywords, and inbound links in detail. The goal is to establish a baseline so you can assess the performance of your redesign later on, as well as to identify critical keywords and material to bring over so you don’t lose your ranking position after publishing the new site. Ask yourself these questions:

What are some of your favorite things about the website for business? Make a list of everything you can think of. Is it possible for them to stay on the new website? Are they adding value to your company?

2. What’s your competition doing?

Examine your top ten competitors with analysis. How do their websites appear? What is it about their website that you find appealing?

    • Make a to-do list.
    • Are these items also necessary for you?
    • Is it possible to use them as-is on your website?
    • Will they be beneficial to your company?

Complete analysis by your website redesign agency in providing the whole website revamp services might assist you to understand why a competitor’s website is better than yours. Make your website for business better than the competitions by using competitive analysis. Redesign your website to make it faster to load, more user-friendly to navigate, and display better offerings.

3. What functionality do we need?

People desire information once they’ve located you. Let’s imagine that someone is looking for something on the internet to save time. Your website must provide them with information quickly.

How easy is it to find this information on your site? The simpler it is, the quicker it will produce leads, and the more business you will be able to earn. Design and functionality must go hand in hand during the revamp website process.

4. What are your business goals

Take time to consider the most important things your website should accomplish for your company and what is the scope of website improvements. For many, sales and lead creation is a priority. For others, it’s about trustworthiness and visibility. You can create measurable analytics to track your redesign team’s progress and understand your business goals & website for business.  Also consider reading How to drive 10x traffic to your website

5. Know your target audience

It is critical to determine who you are targeting during the revamp website process. What works for the smartphone generation will not work for people in their 50s and beyond. They may require additional assistance and will most likely read what you write. People will most likely look at, like, and buy smartphones — it’s that simple. Perhaps you require information on how they will locate you. Your website’s SEO tactics should be in line with these specifications.

6. Check content health

Without the correct content, even the most gorgeous visual design or frictionless navigation will be pointless. You may have different sorts and categories of material to examine while doing website improvements. Discuss taxonomies and how you’ll link pages together. Work with content teams to produce and refine web page content (particularly for the home page and product pages) during the redesign process.

A great website’s content is at its core. Furthermore, style and layout decisions are made based on the amount of content as well as the messaging that is being highlighted. So, before you move on to the next phase, compose and finalize your content. Instead of utilizing meaningless placeholder text, you can see how your actual content looks inside the page layout.

7. Choose the right technology (CMS) for development

It’s time to specify the project’s scope, phases, milestones, and deadlines, as well as who will be in charge of each task. Define the content management system (CMS) and any other systems you’ll need to install or integrate into your new website at this time and make plans appropriately.

8. SEO strategy

Search engine optimization (SEO) is also a key aspect of a website makeover. To see how your web pages rank and for which keywords, use tools like SEMRush, Ahrefs, or MOZ. You don’t want to lose visitors, so make sure your metadata (e.g. title tags) is properly designed — for example, if you offer design software and your main page ranks in Google for the phrase “design software,” you’ll want to preserve that keyword in your meta-data and copy Link building is one of the most effective way of get more traffic on your website. Check out some powerful SEO link building tools which helps you boost website ranking.

9. Get data from analytics tools

Google Analytics, for example, may inform you what material on your site is working and what isn’t. It will assist you in developing your content strategy. Please take a look at our extensive blog post about Google Analytics tips and methods. Google Webmaster will inform you of any broken links or problems on your site.

Your website redesign company will assist you with the whole website revamp services. If you have a Google Analytics account, you may conduct your research and examine the number of site visitors, bounce rate, and time spent on the site. This is an excellent place to start when talking to your agency about the need for a website makeover or refresh.

10. Customer involvement tools should be included

It isn’t merely for the sake of aesthetics or branding that a website is redesigned. It’s also about lead generation and customer interaction, which are two of the most visible indicators of your new site’s success.

Before starting to implement the website revamp plan, teams should clearly understand their objectives. Plan and create a website redesign strategy with your team. You can also hire a website redesign company like Xenia Consulting that provides website revamp services to make the whole process a lot smoother.

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