Xenia Consulting – Celebrating our 4th anniversary

While we have been completely immersed in making our customers successful, time has flown by. It has been a thoroughly enjoyable and fantastic journey.

Today, as we celebrate our 4th anniversary, I am pleased to update you on some of our mainstream services that consistently drive value for our customers.

  • Custom market research programs
    • helping clients redefine razor sharp messaging and
    • track competition
  • Campaign execution
    • across email and other digital channels ensuring larger & wider target market reach
    • leading to increased awareness and lead generation success
  •  End to end sales enabling solutions
    • Delivering qualified leads to the sales team
    • ensuring that sales teams are able to focus on lead conversion

On a parting note, I wanted to mention that we really appreciate your continued support and thank you for your trust and confidence. It really keeps us going.

Best Regards,
Atul Dhakappa | CEO | Xenia Consulting
atul@xenia-consulting.com | www.xenia-consulting.com
Direct(US): +1-913-232-2283 | IND: +91-989-090-6230

Xenia Consulting offers services in the areas of

  • Outsourced CMO Services – we manage and drive your marketing programs
  • Marketing Operations outsourcing – including campaigns, events, media relations
  • Digital Marketing initiatives – including SEO/PPC, content led campaigns
  • Strategic Marketing Contentincluding White papers/Webinars – creation & promotion

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